JaHoon Healing Center – A Soulful Spa in the Heart of Los Angeles

Jahoon Healing Center brings something new to the spa world in Los Angeles. On her trip in Morocco about six years ago, the owner Kate Park had an awakening moment of her life journey. In this journey, she realized one of her life purposes; to open a holistic healing center to help, guide and support mind, body and spirit.


Kate has deep connection to traditional Eastern medicine from her family background. Her grand father was renowned healer and acupuncturist in Korea, her father is also an acupuncturist, and she has numerous other relatives that are currently active in acupuncture community in Korea. As a state certified massage therapist, Kate has been able to connect with accomplished healers in a variety of modalities that the center has to offer.  She feels truly fortunate to work with “master” healers and professionals with more than 10 years of experience for her clients. That is what makes JaHoon best described as a “soulful” spa.

Kate has taken a holistic approach to the spa experience; beginning with the moment a client walks through the door. The emphasis on “healing” is felt when you first step into the place, you feel energize and peaceful in private and luxury ambience.


The first floor is the boutique where you will find wide range of organic teas from France, handmade organic wax candle collections and natural aromatherapy beauty products from “Body Bliss” that you can create your own body cocktail tailored to each individual.

The second floor is where your true journey begins. JaHoon has 5 rooms that offer different experience and purpose of each journey; Butterfly room, Bamboo room, Gold room, Cherry Blossom room and Moroccan room.

Moroccan lounge


Butterfly room, is where the transformation begins. Inside this room you will discover custom cedar wooden chair specifically designed to deliver a warm herbal steam (a blend of purified water, herbs and amethyst crystals) to reproductive system. “JaHoon” is a unique session from the chair completed with built-in infrared and spreading amethyst stones below. As the temperature set the herbal steam starts evaporating to the entire body that covered with long thick robe until the neck, you can feel how the steam works and energizes the skin. The infrared and the amethyst crystal stones work on the base chakra and sacred chakra. Kate called this a root chakra plunger. Korean women across the ages have enjoyed the manifold healing benefits of this treasured practice for a variety of female reproductive system issues, including infertility.  Many today regularly make use of the deep cleansing properties after their monthly menstrual cycle for detoxification and to improve circulation.

View from Butterfly room


Bamboo Room is a serenity journey to be flexible yet strong. It offers session of Craniosacral therapy and Infrared Light therapy. Each session has different sensation yet both are exist to promote the harmony and longevity of body and soul. Craniosacral Therapy is now one of the most successful and fastest-growing approaches to mind-body healing. When addressed in conjunction with polarity therapy, therapeutic massage and holistic bodywork, it opens a level of recovery to the highest state of being and experiencing energy balance. While Infrared Light (LED) Therapy is a process by which energy is delivered to various parts of the body via light emitting diodes and is absorbed by he cells for therapeutic benefits. The various energy wavelengths penetrate the skin to different depths and provide the energy cells need to activate increased circulation and stimulate cells to release Nitric Oxide.

JaHoon interior

Gold room is about to live the life of beauty.  In this room JaHoon offers its signature-sophisticated session focusing on your personal beauty. You will experience manual lifting acupressure facial. An intensive relaxing and rejuvenating facial that will maximize your skin radiance so it glows as it was never before. When you have this session periodically, you can say good-bye to Botox and any other sessions that promote your skin youthfulness.


Cherry Blossom is an elegant room where you can feel the sensational journey of Acupressure Massage. Using the technique of pressing acupressure points in your body it releases tensions, increases blood circulation and heightens the body energy. When the blood and bioelectrical energy circulate properly, we have a greater sense of harmony and wellbeing. Then it is also giving you a deep sleep at night after the session. 

Cherry Blossom


Among all the session rooms, nestled one beautiful Moroccan lounge where you can have post-session relaxation with warm cup of tea, awakening ambience and a nice discussion with the therapists. Or if you need longer time, you can spend sometimes to meditate, enjoy the books or just to sit and relax in the other side of the lounge, another beautiful room with meditating little frog statue, comfortable cushion, beautiful ornaments and little lotus-shaped pillows. What a perfect ending of one-fine-journey at JaHoon Healing Center.

To learn more about JaHoon Healing Center go to the website. To begin the process of restoration, make a reservation by calling 213-388-8032 or email at [email protected]  (JaHoon is by appointment only). 

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”- Lao Tzu

Photographs taken by Peter Valli.



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