Interview Health and Wellness Coach Jay Bradley - Changing How Hollywood Lives Looks and Feels

Health and Wellness Specialist, Jay Bradley


Jay Bradley, health and wellness coach and Bravo personality, recently released LIVE LOOK FEEL, his breakthrough book that is bringing new insight into how anyone, from Hollywood elites to you, your sister or your best friend, can remain youthful.

Bradley recently sat down with Splash Magazine to give us a crash course on his new 12-week path to wellness, and revealed the hottest summer trends for looking and feeling great.  

“I was chronically ill as a kid. I struggled with asthma, and had allergies, ear aches and chest infections. On top of my medical issues, I was bullied at school. Needless to say, I experienced a lot of anxiety and depression along with my health problems,” recalls the 47 year-old who now looks like he just turned 35. “My physical and emotional difficulties continued well into my 30s. At that point, I knew I had to take action, but my challenges were not easy to overcome. It took years of work to finally feel good about myself,” admits Bradley.   

So how did Bradley surpass his struggles and insecurities? According to the author who was just featured on the Bravo network, determination and consistency are key to obtaining results. “I would say to people, ‘it’s not about hard work, it’s about consistency.’ So I took action every day, whether I was feeling depressed or exhausted. I would do little things. For instance, I would get up every morning and journal, which is a fantastic way to keep focused on what is important in life. I would also educate myself about new options for improving my physical strength and try out new concepts to find out what worked for me. It’s been a long process and definitely well worth the effort.”

Jay’s book, “Live, Look, Feel,” is a 12-week program for living longer, looking younger and feeling better. This book represents Jay’s personal mission and was a passion project for him. It takes readers gently through a week-by-week process, which helps them uncover the fears, blocks and obstacles that are preventing them from living their best life, while offering guidance that moves the reader toward their goal.

“The book contains a lot of great information around health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and supplements, but it also covers a great deal about anti-aging techniques. As the reader progresses through the book, they can take notes, journal and record their results. It’s really an interactive approach, which helps people stay focused and to start feeling good about their new approach to life,” he explains.

One thing that thrills some and confuses others is the fact that in “Live Look Feel,” Bradley details the positives of Botox and other products that may be controversial in the world of health and wellness.

“It’s kind of a dichotomy. People might think ‘Wait a minute, this guy’s talking about health and wellness. How can he talk about Botox, too?’ People deserve to feel good inside - out and outside - in. Current studies indicate that there are no side effects and no long-term issues with using Botox. With that in mind, and the positive experience that I have had with it, I highly recommend it. I’ve seen Botox change people’s life. A few little injections totally transformed the way they felt about themselves,” says Bradley.

As Jay looks ahead to summer trends, he is focused on one thing: it’s ‘back to basics.’ “Going back-to-basics is the hot summer trend. And for me, back-to-basics means organic food and products. I love hitting the farmer’s market once a week to pick up locally grown veggies. I also think it’s great to use natural ingredients to make some of your own products,” says Bradley. “Home-made body scrubs with coconut oil, shea butter, sea salt and essential oils make your skin look amazing and get you ready for the beach.”

Bradley understands that the road to wellness isn’t easy, but there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with rigid guidelines. “I’ve overcame many obstacles in my life and during that process I discovered a lot about myself and how I can help others. “Live Look Feel” was created to help people emotionally, physically, and spiritually, depending on their specific needs. It’s an easy read that sets realistic goals for positive results,” he says with excitement. “The trick is to find the options that work for you and stick to them, and give yourself some slack!”

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