Hollywood – A New Face in Town…and it YOURS! With the Ingenue line of Skincare!

Beautifully packaged in expensive looking regal red tubes of cleansers, creams and lotions (including SPF) they are sure to "class up" your vanity tray and remind you why your skin looks so lovely.



Sealed within pristine white boxes, they even make a nice gift set for the Holidays.  Not only that but each box includes a sample packet of one of their other precious creams or lotions to introduce you to the line. Ingenue is currently exclusive to Whole Foods markets, so you have their seal of approval for cruelty free, sustainable, highest quality ingredients.



Tired of paying department store prices to stay beautiful?  Lisa Vukmer, the Founder of Ingenue felt the same way, and so began her hajj to the department store mecca of cosmetics to develop a vegan, cruelty free, US made, dermatologist and clinically tested skin care line. As if that weren't enough,  her caring even reaches to their beautifully wrapped recyclable boxes, printed with vegetable based inks no less.


With ingredients that sound good enough to eat (well, after all you ARE in a grocery store?) her Multi-Action Renewal Eye Gel contains licorice extract to brighten skin naturally, and cucumber to reduce puffiness, along with Vitamin E to keep away those "free rads".  



All of her products contain high concentrates of antioxidants to prevent free radical formation.  And why would you want to do that, you may ask?  Because free radicals are the bad guys that lead to cell death and tissue damage and that equals "old".   Additionally, all her products work together to combat fine lines and wrinkles.


Rise and shine with her Daily Purification Cleanser formulated with seaweed to remove toxins and release much needed nutrients to those vitamin deficient pores to produce radiant skin.  Carrot extract tones your skin while plant based fatty acids gently deep clean and maintain your moisture balance at the same time.  Don't forget the pea extract with vital amino acids and proteins to help with the production of collagen and elastin. Last but not least, the added green tea extract protects your skin from harmful UV's.


Her Sheer Shield Day Cream is a creamy, buttery colored sensation with helpful 20 SPF and contains watermelon and Shitake mushroom extract.  It disappeared nicely to form an invisible protective layer on my skin so I could then apply makeup.  An added Vitamin C derivative combats those horrible sun spots.


Be sure to use the Multi-Action Renewal Serum under the Matte Day Cream, since it provides cotton thistle extract that stimulates cell reconstruction for dry or damaged skin. This little miracle works day and night to increase cell turnover, along with 5 amino acids to reduce the appearance of fine lines and peptide complex to stimulate collagen and increase your skin's elasticity.



Follow this up in the evening with Ingenue's Overnight Intensive Cream that is clinically proven to repair your skin while you sleep.  This special formula contains oat protein for dryness, along with fruit extract to help even out your skin tone, and other key ingredients to improve your skin's elasticity along with licorice extract to brighten your facial disposition.



Their products are so pure that you'll soon find a little bit goes a long way, and they offer the same peptides, concentrated plant extracts, anti-oxidants and key ingredients of the more expensive department store lines. So start your new beauty regimen today and save that extra $$$ for something special to celebrate your beautiful self!


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