Edan Edan Brazilian Keratin Treatment - A Date with Straight gets a Frizzy Lizzy Sleek and Silky!


Years ago, when I was little, girls used to iron their hair with the family steam iron to get it straight. Then came blow dries, flat irons and curling irons. Now, there are all kinds of other straightening methods.

My hair has always been wavy, and I have lots of it.  In fact my boyfriend, who was bald, used to call me Hair Girl, because I have so much thick, long wavy hair. Even stylists have always commented that I have great, extremely thick hair.

Recently I was heading to Florida – the land of frizzy hair – and I knew that even if I arrived with gorgeous, blow-dried, flat-ironed straight hair, I wouldn’t be two steps off the plane and I would be Frizzy Lizzy for the rest of my visit.

It was time for me to check out some of the newer methods to keep my long thick hair looking sleek, straight and glossy.

I had heard about the Brazilian Blowout and knew numerous other women who’d had it done. I decided to look around my area in Los Angeles to see if I could take the step and go Brazilian. These straightening processes vary in price – anywhere from $99 to $500.  It’s an expensive service because it can be extremely time intensive and uses a lot of product.  There are Brazilian Blowouts or Keratin or combinations.



Keep in mind, most places indicate they charge the higher end of these prices – from $250 - $500 but check out Groupon.com, Lifebooker.com or even the beauty section on Craigslist.com. There are lots of discounts available and clients may find substantial savings under the list prices.

Soooo, I was ready to get my Brazilian Blowout! But now the big questions were…

Which salon? Where? And what was the cost going to be – for something I wasn’t even sure about?  I live in West Los Angeles and found a salon on Craigslist that had one of the least expensive Brazilian Blowouts. It was on Craigslist for $99.

I called the Edan Edan Salon on Westwood Blvd – and made an appointment.



The process took about 3 hours in total, and guess what – it came out fantastic! I went to Florida… and kept my beautiful long locks, straight and frizz-free the whole time I was there. That was definitely the true test of any hair straightening treatment for me!

Here are some Brazilian Keratin facts from Edan Ezer who did my hair at his Edan Edan Salon:


About the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary hair straightening method that softens, smoothes, and dramatically straightens your hair. In general, the treatment usually lasts anywhere between three and five months, depending on how often the hair is washed.

This is not a permanent treatment, as the keratin-based solution diminishes over time, and your hair will return to its natural form. The hair, however, will stay soft, shiny and healthy looking. The more you receive the treatment, the healthier and more manageable the hair becomes. It will require less blow drying time, and the results will be excellent.



Bottom line: If your hair is unruly, frizzy, or overly curly and you would like to have low maintenance, hassle-free hair that is shiny and straight, this is the treatment for you. The results may vary depending on texture type of your hair. The treatment takes between 1 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs to complete, depending on the length and texture of your hair.


About the hair stylist:

Edan Ezer is the owner of Edan Edan Salon in Westwood. He has been doing hair since 2000 and loves what he does. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Israel, he returned to his home town of sunny Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue his dream of becoming the best stylist around. Edan began his career by working in Beverly Hills at high end salons, and has worked with professional stylists such as Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy.

After spending years working in some of the top salons in Beverly Hills, Edan decided to open his own salon in 2006. Edan Edan is a full service salon and they even have a Happy Hour where they offer 50% off regular prices; in the mornings from 8 – 10 am with coffee, or in the afternoons from 4:30 – 6:30 pm with a glass of champagne.

Here are some Q & A’s from Edan:

Q. How is The Brazilian Keratin Treatment done and what are the advantages?

Edan Edan Salon is broadly known for our skilled Brazilian Keratin Treatments with the use of Global Keratin and extremely low amounts of formaldehyde. Our treatment is so gentle on the scalp and the hair causing no irritation at all. We also create a sleek finish to the style with a flat iron.

There are many remarkable advantages to having the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done. First and foremost, months and even years of damaged hair can be improved in a matter of days, that's what the Brazilian Keratin Treatment can do. This can restore damaged hair at its very core. You can have new hair formed of invigorated dead cells.

We start with cleansing the hair and scalp of dirt, oil, and residue to make sure it's super clean. After the treatment is applied and soaked into the hair shaft it is dried and flat ironed pin straight to lock in the treatment. It is also very helpful because it does not take all day! If you are someone who wants to achieve stress free, controllable hair without the harmful chemical, which are used in other hair treatments you may want to think about doing the Brazilian keratin treatment. It is very natural and simply made up of keratin, which is a protein that is already found in the hair. Frizz will be eliminated and replaced with a glossy and smooth appearance due to the supplementary moisture.

Q. Who is the best candidate for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A. It has been our experience, that good candidates for the Brazilian are anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair. We have performed the treatment on every hair type (fine/course/frizzy/curly), as well as hair that has been permed, Japanese straightened and extensions. In doing so, we have found that with proper communication and a well considered application, everyone can benefit from the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment.

Q. What kind of look will you get from the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A. The hair will be left totally frizz-free, shiny, effortlessly manageable and with plenty of body and bounce. There will still be the option to wear hair curly/wavy (depending on the hair type) and the freedom to blow dry hair smooth and straight in a fraction of the time invested prior to receiving the treatment.

Q. Can I still receive a Brazilian Keratin Treatment if I have highlights and/or color?

A. Yes, the Brazilian will actually improve the health of color-treated/highlighted hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle for enhanced color, reduced frizz and radiant shine.

Q. Is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment going to make my hair straight?

A. If your hair is wavy, the Brazilian will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, it will minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of the natural wave/curl. If you have straight, frizzy hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and promote radiant shine.

Q. How long does the Brazilian Keratin Treatment last?

A. The Brazilian generally lasts for 10-12 weeks. The Brazilian is a cumulative treatment, in that the more you receive it, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the result will last.

Q. Can you apply the Brazilian Keratin Treatment directly on top of other relaxers and strengtheners?

A. Yes. The Brazilian actually works best on chemically treated hair, and helps to improve the hairs condition by fortifying each strand with essential amino acids.

The Brazilian works great directly on top of a relaxer. Perform the relaxer first, Brazilian next, and then neutralize at the very end of both treatments.

The Brazilian is great to perform when someone is trying to move away from having relaxers or Japanese straighteners. It puts movement back into the hair, allowing the hair to look its best.

Q. Will my hair return to its original state after the Brazilian Keratin treatment has completed its life cycle?

A. Yes, the hair will revert to its original state once the Brazilian Blowout treatment has completed its life cycle of 10-12 weeks, however, the condition of the hair will actually improve as a result of the fortifying and conditioning nature of the product.

Q. Can you color your hair the same day you receive a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A. Yes, however, you must color your hair prior to having the Brazilian smoothing treatment. If you are coloring hair dark brunette or red, you will want to color the hair a shade darker than you otherwise would, as the hair color will experience fading during the Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Q. Can you swim in the pool or ocean after you have the Brazilian Keratin treatment?

A. Yes, you can swim in either the pool or the ocean after you receive the Brazilian treatment; however, the treatment may be slightly compromised if you swim on a regular basis. We recommend that you apply the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum on the hair prior to swimming in order to act as a protective barrier to maintain the smoothest possible result for the longest period of time.

Q. How soon can you touch up your color after you receive the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A. You should wait at least two weeks to administer color to the hair after you receive the Brazilian, as the color will not deposit as effectively with the protein protective layer provided by the smoothing treatment.

If your clients need to touch up color/roots in between treatments, this is ok, as the hair being touched up is new growth and does not have the treatment on it. If you need to highlight or pull the full color through the entire head of hair, make sure that the client is using the Brazilian Keratin masque at least once or twice a week to fortify the treatment back into the hair.

Q. What is the active chemical in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment solution that makes it work so well?

A. The Brazilian smoothes the hair through the use of a proprietary polymer system that bonds amino acids to the surface of the hair. This treatment is 100% salon safe. What makes the Brazilian treatment effective is our use of the Super Nutrient Complex in conjunction with a proprietary polymer system. This combination is what rounds the follicle, smoothes the cuticle and repairs any preexisting damage.

Q. How is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment different from the Japanese straightening method many people are familiar with?

A. Japanese hair straightening changes the actual structure of the hair. In doing so, there is an obvious difference between the new hair growth and the hair that has been treated, resulting in a life-long commitment to continuing the straighteners or cutting hair off (if client is unhappy with the result). This service can also leave the hair flat, too straight and with little to no shine or luster. The hair's integrity seems to be compromised, and after a few treatments, the hair appears to be in an unhealthy state.

For additional information:

Edan Edan Salon
2369 Westwood Blvd
Los AngelesCA   90064

Open 7 days a week
HAPPY HOUR - http://www.edanedan.com/specials.html




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