Dr. Lawrence Brockman Endodontist Review - Highly Skilled, Professional and Personable

I’ve been in an ongoing dental situation for some time. After my last diagnosis, I was told I would need to see an Endodontist. Faced with the thought of searching out a dental specialist who specializes in root canals, tooth replantations, dental surgery, and other unnerving and uninviting practices, was not my idea of an enjoyable undertaking.

Dr. Lawrence Brockman

After explaining my situation and what I needed to a few friends and of course following up with a Google search I found Dr. Lawrence Brockman, of the Beverly Hills Endodontists Group. I suppose the fact that we had the same first name helped in my decision. So I looked him up and after reading some great online reviews made an appointment.

Outside the office of Dr. Lawrence Brockman

As I prepared to release myself into the capable hands of Dr. Brockman, with my mind reeling with all the root canal horrors I expected to suffer I must admit, in less than one hour later, I was a changed man!

Dr. Brockman made a believer out of me. I didn’t expect that I would be leaving the dentist’s office after having half a root canal, in less than one hour, and that it would be a nearly painless experience. I'm lucky that I have big teeth with long root because normally to complete a procedure such as mine it would take considerably longer and from my understanding more painful.

The waiting area of Dr. Brockman's office

As I was leaving on a trip to New York City to attend Fashion Week, I expected the procedure would be put off and much to my surprise Dr. Lawrence Brockman completed the process of removing the main nerve and also half of the root canal and in much less time than I expected. It only required one injection of Novocain in my gum and there was not any pain! I'm really shocked that he was able to complete half a root canal in the amount of time.

Helpful assistant's and plenty of reading material


The majority of the dental work was done in such a short time with no interruption of my day. No recovery time needed. No pain and just going about my day as if I stopped off for lunch somewhere. It's amazing! The doctor is a warm, caring, a very likable man, like an uncle. There was no separation that you often find in the medical community. He was very comfortable to speak with and dealt with me with the same high level of regard.  I highly recommend him.

I'm anxious to come back and get my root canal completed. He showed me on the x-rays the work that he had done, what needed to be done, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics to take for seven days, three times a day, as well as a prescription for pain medication which he doubts and I doubt that I'll need. The entire staff was very friendly and the initial paperwork that I needed to fill out was minimal. In reality, it was the smallest amount of paperwork I’ve actually ever experienced.

Inside the examination room

After my trip to New York’s Fashion Week I returned to Dr. Brockman at the scheduled time for my second appointment. He saw me right away, no wait time, and again gave me a single shot of Novocain exactly in the right position. No need for second shot as often happened to me and just like my first visit soon my tooth was completely numb. Dr. Brockman went about his business of filing and drilling and in a short time later it was done and the root canal was painless.

The needed x-rays on my teeth

There was one additional x-ray taken and then two progressive x-rays just of what to the doctor was working on.  The final x-ray taken was to be given to the dentist who would be putting on my crown. I was told that I should visit the dentist within 3 to 5 days.

Dr. Brockman was incredibly efficient, preformed his duties with a superior level of  knowledge,  was professional and personable and I highly recommend him.

Parking was convenient; underneath the structure and the total for parking came to $6.50 for the time I was there. I was basically in and out.

For more information on Dr. Lawrence Brockman: http://www.labrockmandmd.com

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