Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments Review

The MicroZone Treatments at Dermalogica are a new concept in facial skin care.  Inspired by the popularity of 10- or 15-minute massages to unkink the shoulders or ease a bit of neck pain without taking a huge bite out of a busy day, the MicroZone Treatments target a facial area and give it 20-minute quickie facial when time or money are too short for the full spa treatment.

Quick does not mean superficial.  These treatments give all the pleasure of a longer facial because they take the time to do one thing right.  Not everything.  For that, you can get a full hour-long facial that is a total experience.  But each Micro-Zone gives your aesthetician the time to really work on the treatment zone of choice. 

The MicroZone treatments are performed in a pod-like niche just off the floor.  The area was converted from one of the regular treatment rooms, with a wall removed and two treatment chairs placed side by side.  I thought I'd feel exposed to the shop and possibly cramped sitting so near to another customer, but it turned out to be quite as soothing as being in a private room. 

There are 7 MicroZone treatments to choose from:  Flash Exfoliation, Eye Rescue, Lip Renewal, Blackhead Relief, Rapid Spot Clearing, Hand Repair, and Men's Skin Fitness.  I was torn, but opted for the Flash Exfoliation since I've been looking a bit pasty lately.  By the end of the 20 minutes, I felt as relaxed and my face felt as hydrated as if I'd had a full facial.  And I noticed a brightness to my complexion that stayed with me. 

The quality of the products is a big reason for the result. Dermalogica is first and foremost about skin care.  Not makeup. Not perfume.  Skin.  Founded over 20 years ago, the company tossed out all the rules and followed its own guiding principle: results.  Frills like fancy packaging went by the wayside and were replaced with a serious devotion to beautiful skin.

Ahead of its time, Dermalogica refused to use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, cheap oils, all of which brought costs down.  Why?  Because they cased skin problems. This results orientation toward skin care brought another result in consumer satisfaction and the company has enjoyed its well-earned reputation as a leader in skin care for over 23 years.

The Carson, California based company does not sell its product in department stores.  The concept of the right product for the right skin means that Dermalogica is sold through licensed skin-care treatment centers, salons and spas only.  Dermalogica has stores of its own, concept spaces where clients can receive a free Face Mapping skin analysis, sample products as the Skin Bar and receive facial treatments.  

Dermalogica has added a menu of short facials, called MicroZone Treatments, that allow people with busy schedules or a specific, targeted problem to get a 20-minute facial aimed at one identified target.  Initially tested in the Santa Monica and London storefronts, the success of these treatments has led to their being rolled out worldwide. These shorter treatments also mean that walk-ins are welcome and that people who might not be comfortable with the idea of a facial can get needed benefits without spending a lot of time or money.

Dermalogica on Montana
1022 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica CA  90403
(310) 260-8682

9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.  Monday - Saturday
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Sunday

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