blue spas Blue Sunday Review – A Day of Glamorous Pampering

blue spa and Shanti-Style rolled out the “blue carpet” last Sunday. It was a celebration of beauty, bliss, glamorous services, cocktails, shopping and samping of some of the best products and services around.

blue spa

If you love being pampered, if you love feeling like you’re the celebrity, if the best is good enough for you, then you will love blue spa. My publisher and I attended Blue Sunday and had a blast. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful people, helping make other beautiful people, even more beautiful. It was a gorgeous day. I love the folks at blue spa they are so talented and nice. They somehow managed to attract lots of other talented and nice folks to come out and help them celebrate.

My publisher and I had the pleasure of experiencing why first hand. Click here to read more about our glam treatments.

blue spa –


blue spa has been hailed as one of the nation’s top spas. They mix the innovation of medical beauty with the luxury of a spa. Their highly trained Medical and Aesthetic staff specialize in treating conditions of Aging Skin,Sun Damage, Loss of Skin Elasticity,Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scars, Rosacea, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Melasma, Freckles, Fine Lines, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Spider Vein Removal, Aging andHair Removal. Collagen Replacement, Lip Enhancement, Cheek Enhancements, Chin Enhancements, Non-Surgical Facelift, Non-Surgical Nose Job and much more.

Dragon Pearl Whole Teas -

Dragon Pearl Whole Tea

Dragon Pearl Tea is grown organically in the pure air and soil of the Fujian Mountains, on the southeast coast of mainland China. All farming, harvesting and production of these special teas are done by hand.

These farms have been here for centuries, yielding the very best crops of their kind; yet tea from these special farms has never been sold in the U.S.. Dragon Pearl Tea was created to bring this amazing tea to America.

Dress For Success Worldwide – West -

Dress for Success

Dress for Successsolves the catch-22 that confronts disadvantaged women trying to enter the workforce: without a job, how can you afford a suit? But without a suit, how can you get a job?

Shortly after Dress for Success was founded, they became well-known for providing suits to disadvantaged women returning to or entering the workforce. Although their mission has expanded, the suiting program remains a crucial part of their work and a vital first-step in a woman's journey toward self-sufficiency.Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and additional apparel up to a week's worth of clothing when she becomes employed.

Bryan Au’s Raw Organic -

Bryan Au

Raw In Ten Minutes by Chef Bryan Au is the most researched, all natural eco green cuisine that will RAWCKyour world. A raw diet is naturally anti-aging, gives you more energy, health, well being, clarity, prevent and reverse many modern conditions, weight loss, lower cholesterol. Chef Brian Au has written a “cookbook” and filled it with some of the best raw organic recipes on the planet that will help save the planet!

Custom Cocktails by Hypnotique

Body Ecology -


Body Ecology

With the confusing array of supplements, health foods and fads out in the marketplace today,Body Ecologyoffers a back-to-basics approach to restoring health and vitality. The straightforward necessities they provide are all geared to one fundamental law of nature: the fact that our digestive systems are intimately linked to our immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems. Profoundly affecting all these interlocking systems is an amazing world of benevolent bacteria: the microscopic "good guys" that must be present in your intestines for you to be healthy. Their products are all specifically designed to help you cultivate, nourish, cleanse and repair this abundant inner ecosystem (hence the name Body Ecology).

Platinum Image Spa

Platinum Image Services

Platinum Image Services is a beauty and fashion spa & concierge company based in Los Angeles California. They specialize in providing high end, customized beauty services from Tanning to Eyelash Extensions, Makeup, Minx Nails, and Wardrobe Styling. At Platinum Image Spa they understand that most of all you need support that respects your most precious resource, time. They are open 24/7 and cater to your schedule no matter the time.above to out check all these amazing beauty services.

Skin Flick Bikinis -

Skin Flick offers a unique selection of the sexiest hottest dancewear, swimwear and clubwear. They have a wide variety of bikinis, skirt sets and rompers. They are all about seductive high fashion style and about bringing you fresh, new styles that flatter your body, stay in place, are easy to put on and get off, as well as holding up to the wear and tear of stage dancing or personal wear.

IndividualiTEA and Coffee -

IndividualiTEA and Coffee

IndividualiTEA and Coffee’s mission is to elevate the palates of everyday tea and coffee enthusiasts and anyone who wants to enjoy tea and coffee from around the world. To help empower youth and young adults who want to be a part of a business that has set high standards for itself all while gaining knowledge of the tea and coffee industry.

Just Glam -

Just Glam

Just Glam offers an extensive line of glamorous cosmetics featuring items like their ‘Happy Hour’ line of lip glosses. Each ultra-high shine gloss is named after a delicious drink served at bars during Happy Hour, giving lips a clear tint with a delicious scent.

Cold Stone Creamery

Wheat Grass Oasis

Wheatgrass Oasis

Lynn-Ann Cuminotto of Wheat Grass Oasishas spent years mastering the natural ways of improving the mind and body to live a better quality life. One of her secret weapons is Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids. It is great for cellular renewal and helps keep a balanced ph level. It is also a great internal detoxifier that helps us age better and provides us with energy giving us that youthful glow.

beyond bliss – AloeBoost -

Aloe Boost

AloeBoost is a nutritional drink that gives you energy, or an energy drink that’s packed with nutrition - whatever you like! As the name indicates, AloeBoost is based on the world’s most popular nutritional supplement – Aloe Vera and provides a better, healthier, faster energy blast! AloeVera provides a comprehensive source of vitamins and minerals to your body, containing more than 75 nutritional compounds on its own! In addition Aloe Vera enhances your body’s ability to absorb the blend of rich, smooth premium juices & supplements packed into every shot of AloeBoost.

Pop Chips

Hair by Arpie -

Arpie Sadakian of Hair by Arpie’s goal is to bring out your individual, natural beauty by enhancing your hair with color, a beautiful cut, or a voluminous blow dry. Arpie works to be up to date with the latest trends in hair in addition to adding her own flair. She attends hair shows every year and is also certified in the Brazilian Blowout.

Extreme Natural Fitness - Billy Locke -

Billy Locke

As a wellness consultant and fitness trainer, Billy Locke’s passion and commitment are to inspire and enable you to achieve your true genetic potential by natural means.

Through his Extreme Natural Fitness Program, you will learn all the components that are required for creating a healthy, energetic and happy body. His goal is for you to get into the most insane shape of your life, inside and out.

I.C.O.N. Salon -


At ICON, they specialize in precision hair cutting, custom color formulations, advanced retexturizing, bonded extensions and couture styling. Each of their stylists have completed advanced training and are leaders in education around the world, teaching other stylists the cutting techniques and influential styling that ICON is known for.

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blue spa
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Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


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