Blue Medi Spa Review - A Girl's First Facial

As much as I love to be pampered, I had never arranged a facial for myself before yesterday.  I remember a friend in high school telling me how she went to an esthetician and the woman “picked” at my friends face trying to get all the dirt out of her pores.  The story was gross, painful, and didn’t sound like a necessary evil to me. Well, I’m not in high school anymore, and somehow, each day seems to prove me wrong of what I once thought was the truth.  Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to relax at Blue Medi Spa with Emjay, my new favorite medical esthetician and eyebrow specialist. 


Blue Medi Spa - La Reina Theatre

Let me start at the beginning.  The first thing I noticed when I entered the spa was the design.  Blue Medi Spa was once La Reina Theatre on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.  The front of the building looks like an old-fashioned movie theatre, and I felt like an old-fashioned movie star.  The inside design is elegantly simple, with hints of blue to go with the name.  I was then kindly introduced to Emjay, a fashionable woman who “knows where she’s at”, so to speak.  She picked up on my unnecessary nervousness, and teased me about how badly the treatment would hurt.  It did not hurt a bit. In fact, it was delightful.    


Front Desk

Emjay described in detail the treatment I was receiving: the blue O2 facial. Basically, there is an “airbrush” type tool that breathes air along your face leaving your skin feeling cold, fresh, and clean.  The air is a combination of oxygen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins that instantly hydrate, brighten, and plump your skin. I felt completely comfortable in her hands and believed she would not lead me astray.  As the air was released over my face, the lines on my face began to fade, my eyes began to widen, and my lips became plump and full of color. I’m not lying when I say this happened instantly.  If you have an important event, say: a wedding, red-carpet event, or a date with the man of your dreams (Shia Labeouf), this is the best way to look and feel your best. 


Blue O2 Facial

She taught me how important it is to exfoliate and to hydrate.  I learned that the skin cells are the last to receive nutrients from the body, and therefore are starved for water.  She also informed me that as we get older, it takes longer for the dead skin cells to fall away and for the new cells to rejuvenate.  When we were talking about exfoliating and I asked her for tips, I was expecting her to jump at the chance to sell me a product.  Her secret: a 5 pound bag of sugar.  She did suggest a product that was sold in the spa for moisturizing called Lifeline. I asked for some samples, and they were given to me.  I lose so much water doing hot yoga, that my skin is left itchy and dry most of the time, so I’ve been hoping for a solution.  Emjay swears by Lifeline and uses it herself.  A fascinating fact about Lifeline is that it is based on human parthenogenetic stem cells which can divide for a long period of time and can teach your own cells how to repair themselves! This is a moisturizer that I now plan on investing in.


Then came the eyebrows. Emjay has completely embarrassed me with how disrespectful I have been to my brows. How did she do this? By teaching me how they should look specifically for my facial structure.  She reassured me that it would be a process to correct my eyebrows, but we are going to get through it, together. Apparently, Emjay has a reputation for being an eyebrow goddess, and has many followers on the path to beautiful brows.  She willingly shared her beauty philosophies that made me feel like I was in on the secrets to physical beauty.



Having this experience has taught me that when you pamper yourself, you feel better about yourself. Treat yourself to a short treatment at Blue Medi Spa, and not only will you look different, you will feel the difference. As if specializing in skin care wasn't enough, this spa also offers injectables, laser treatments, and body contouring.  I would have to say that my favorite part of the day was when I was leaving the salon and another employee asked what treatment I had received.  When I told her I had the O2, she said when she has it done, she looks even better the next day.  I cant wait for tomorrow!



Blue Medi Spa

The La Reina Theatre 

14622 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 118 

CA 91403 

Phone: 818.783.3600 

Email: [email protected] 

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