BlazeTM Nail Lacquer - Giving the Mani-Pedi a Makeover with Color Changing Nail Polish

Blaze Nail Lacquer Sun Changing Nail Polish

Manicures and pedicures have always been a past time favorite! Similar to a ‘mini vacation’ a mani-pedi was the only thing that made the stressful work week worth while. Thanks to the color changing polish from BlazeTM Nail Lacquer, the typical mani-pedi is now getting its’ own make over.


BlazeTM Nail Lacquer is a must-have among beauty junkies and fashionistas, the BlazeTM Nail Lacquer uses SolarActive® technology to change colors when exposed to UV rays.  Whether it is light pink to purple, a more daring blue to green, or even a simple clear to red, BlazeTM Nail Lacquer is the only polish that rises with the sun.


Blaze Nail Colors


Specially paired soul mate colors take ladies from day to night, office to happy hour, student to siren, and everything under the sun.  BlazeTM Nail Lacquer offers a wide selection of high-quality colors, including various finishes like matte, glossy, and glitter.  The best part of it all is the ingredients used in BlazeTM Nail Lacquer are completely safe, environmentally friendly, and FDA-approved. So who ‘wouldn’t’ want to use this hot new item?!


"Nail polish is the ultimate accessory," says Latin pop star and BlazeTM spokeswoman, LaLa Romero.  "With a multicultural background, I consider myself a girl of many colors.  BlazeTM is a fun and fashionable way for me to reflect the many colors of my personality.  I can wear a soft neutral color in the studio, but as soon as I'm outside my nails pop to brighter color." BlazeTM is the perfect solution for individuals who must maintain a more classic and polished look while at work, but want a bolder look outside the office. Students can wear the clear polish in the classroom and, once the lunch bell rings, are transformed into a black polish-wearing rebel. 


Blaze Nail Colors


As for those wishing to make a statement no matter where they are, there is a wide selection of eye-catching colors to choose from.  "BlazeTM Nail Lacquer changes color in the sun, so people are essentially getting two nail polish colors for the price of one," says Romero.  "There are so many fun ways to wear the polish and I get compliments on it all the time.  I love trying new colors to 'Blaze'."


In addition to the color change nail polish BlazeTM Nail Lacquer has also introduced a ‘Brights Collection’, which offers bright colors with a unique contrast and it’s “Glitter Collection, Glitz on Madison”, which consists of this seasons hottest color with a splash of glitter.


Blaze Nail Colors

BlazeTM Nail Lacquer is now available at mass retailers worldwide and retails between $7.95-$12.95. This basically offers two colors in one, I know I can't wait to get my 'hands' on a bottle.


For individuals wanting to get their hands (and toes) on the latest from 
BlazeTM Nail Lacquer , visit  It is time to Blaze it Up!TM


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