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In a culture as fast paced as ours, it’s become necessary to seek our “well-being” in the midst of work demands, deadlines, bills, telephone calls and traffic.  Many of us have become so preoccupied with the urgencies of life that we’ve forgotten how important it is to make room for our innermost needs and to take time to check in to what matters most; living in a state of wellness.


What is wellness?  We all must answer that question for ourselves, but the core concept of wellness is to achieve an optimum level of physical, mental and emotional health.  How we do it is essentially up to us, and it begins with making choices that lead to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle while reducing the levels of stress in our lives.  Sounds so simple right?  Then why are stress related diseases now at an all-time high?


Be Well, Inc brings holistic wellness to your doorstep


Holistic healing incorporates wellness to the “whole self” (body, mind, emotions and spirit) rather than targeting each as a separate focus.  The varieties of holistic healing services available today such as massage, yoga, reflexology, meditation and energy work, are extremely effective in achieving greater levels of vitality and dramatically decreasing stress levels.  Luckily for those of us in Los Angeles, Be Well Incorporated, a full-service holistic wellness company with highly trained practitioners incorporates all of these services and more and delivers them to right your doorstep.


Be Well, Inc., founded in 2000, is the premiere holistic wellness company in Los Angeles and has been supporting clients through expanding awareness of the body’s natural healing properties and of the treatments themselves.  Be Well, Inc. offers a vast range of holistic wellness services to assist in reaching total body, mind and emotional harmony. 


In addition to holistic massages, facials and body wraps, they also offer spa parties, corporate wellness, group chair massage, acupuncture, personal training, Pilates, yoga, energy work, raindrop therapy, tai chi and pet massage along with hair, nail and make-up services.  The beauty of having so many choices allows one to find the treatments that work best for their needs, knowing that they are getting the highest level of service, quality and care with each Be Well experience.  Their variety of holistic service options alone really puts Be Well in a league of their own.


Respect, integrity and quality are at the heart of each Be Well service


What sets Be Well apart is they bring “In Home Wellness” to the privacy of your own home or office for a travel free experience.   Imagine this: a highly trained Practitioner creates a tranquil, safe respite where soft music plays as you rest on a supple table letting the tension float away - all in the comfort and privacy of your own home without the hassle of time consuming traffic.  There is no “getting ready” to drive elsewhere, then to only return home after facing the stresses of the road again.  For their celebrity clients, this also means no paparazzi.  When the at home treatment is over, the recipient can simply remain in their blissful state enjoying the rest of their day as they like, which usually includes a long restful nap afterwards.


Breathtaking beach yoga at the Beach House in Hermosa Beach


For the modern traveler, Be Well manages multiple mini-day spas (wellness centers) for various upscale hotels in the L.A. area, some of which are the Luxe City Center, Hilton Checkers Spa, the Omni Spa and the Beach House Spa in Hermosa Beach (where they also offer Beach Yoga in the warmer months).   They also have many additional hotel partners that utilize their services for in-room treatments, to ensure their guests are well taken care of by trusted qualified professionals.


5 star therapist Eddie Bhoorapa administers an invigorating thai massage


“My therapist, Eddie Bhoorapa, totally took me to a state of “noodleness”.  I was so relaxed I could just float back upstairs and rest.  If I had to drive, I would have lost my state of relaxation. For me, a weekly treatment works best for helping keep things in harmonics.“

-  Lawrence Davis, Splash Magazines Worldwide, Los Angeles


Carrie Reinagel, founder and CEO of Be Well, Inc.


“When you have a Be Well experience,you’ll receive the highest quality attention from a well-educated professional who truly loves what they do. We use a supportive educational approach to assist you in living in a state of balance and well-being.  Our goal is to be a valuable resource to provide simple useful tools for excellent personal care.  We offer the ease and confidence of having a trusted practitioner provide excellent service in the privacy of your home or office.”

 – Carrie Reinagel, founder and CEO of Be Well, Inc.


Taking the time to simply be well is priceless


What’s really assuring about Be Well is that you can choose from an array of diverse treatments, knowing that the integrity of the company backs each revitalizing experience with over a decade of exceptional quality and service.  Also, many celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Rachel Hunter, Gloria Steinem, Téa Leoni, Chazz Palminteri and Matthew McConaughey have all experienced the professionalism and care of Be Well Inc. with rave reviews.


Escape and revitalize in the comfort of your own home


Individual services and gift cards are also available, and the recipient can enjoy their choice of services at home or at any of their hotel wellness center locations in Downtown LA, LAX, and Hermosa Beach. 


For a limited time now through August 31, 2011, when this article is mentioned when booking an In Home service, the recipient receives 20% off their first Be Well experience!


For more information on Everyday Wellness Packages, or to book any service, please contact Be Well, Inc at 310-614-7455 or 213-300-0456 or through their website at:


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