Walking like Jesus - Has the Age of Miracles returned ?



And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Mark 16:17-18

Are there modern day apostles walking just as Jesus did ?

Roaming the world freely, guided by God’s hand ... Others, unexpectedly and regularly bless their peers in their workforce, homes, schools or wherever God may have placed them . As the scriptures have prophecied, signs, wonders and miracles follow these believers wherever they may go.




Laying hands is one of the signs of a believer ... True enough, vast numbers of people (from all faiths) have been the blessed recipient of these healings. The incurable now cured. The sick are freed from chronic conditions and diseases, liberated from wheelchairs, paraplegics once confined now freely walk, autism vanquished, cancers /tumours crushed, wounds healed, scars dissolved, the reappearance of baby skin, even brand, new teeth formed through the Holy Spirit. Broken bones and ribs knit, then repair themselves. Goiter, warts and ugly birthmarks are erased. Arthritis, and crippling conditions, can be healed instantly. Legs and limbs can be grown out in minutes. Stomach ulcers, headaches, sinus and asthma afflictions cured. The deaf now hear and yes even the blind begin to see.


Most often, these miracles have actually happened in seconds or even minutes. The Holy Spirit does not need time to do it’s work. Though at times, the seed of healing is planted and it shows up surprising the individual in a few days or weeks. Miracles occur according the hand of the Holy Spirit and when they come, by their very nature they leave us in awe of the supernatural, a tangible reminder that God is real.




Though faith healing is not a new practice. It has been claiming victory after victory in many churches. The evangelist Dr Willard Fuller was a dentist in the 60’s. He was baptised in the Holy Spirit and began to see a series of dental miracles such as cavities being filled with the porcelain formed from the Holy Spirit.Testimonies abound saying, " It's a miracle ! While you watch, you'll witness amalgam fillings turning to gold, while crooked teeth are straightened and, even quite often, new teeth can be seen growing in!"


Says Minister Barbara Waterhouse "During Rev. Fuller's hands on healing services, I have personally seen teeth move, silver fillings turn to gold, facial bone structure of the jaw move and shift into alignment, silver fillings appear, gold crowns appear and existing fillings disappear. This healing experience comes with my highest recommendation."




His healings were so unique and extraordinary, the book  ‘Can God fill teeth ?” was written by Dr Daniel Fry, documenting Dr Willard Fuller’s miracles


' Porcelain fillings are common occurrences and are interesting because they are the ones most people can watch “grow in”. The formation of the porcelain filling is fast enough that the change is apparent to the viewer and slow enough that many people get a chance to view the growing in at first hand. Where there are several cavities, one or two will be filled in gold and the rest in silver or porcelain. One cavity was filled with a ruby-like substance of a translucent quality. Several times a bronze metal has filled in. Twice spectators have seen a platinum-translucent-type metal. Two tiny cavities later contained fillings that sparkled like diamonds. '


Dr Fuller was truly a rare and anointed healer but the trend towards faith healing continues to grow in this day and age. What is prevalent of today, of the year 2012 ?Are Christian healers still rampantly expressing this bold power and demonstrations of God ?


Yes, and more so. I believe we can all agree that the Impossible has always been possible through God.


But what is changing and thus is so thoroughly exciting is the fact that many more everyday people are embracing this truth firmly enough to make it their reality ! All things have become possible by faith. Even AIDS patients are being healed of their disease. But the healings that triumph all others, is when death is defied and the dead are raised. Yes even death can be triumphed by using the name of Christ, and this too is becoming a relatively common occurrence.





Mind-boggling indeed, but there are limitless testimonies that are actually documented and backed up with medical records. In the old days, we heard of apostles and missionaries such a Smith Wigglesworth and John G Lake, who became legendary for their godly works and miracles. Both Wigglesworth and Lake experienced dramatic baptisms of the Holy Ghost that left them forever transformed and burning with a passion for God. Both were businessmen who released their old lives to preach and heal. Wigglesworth challenged the ordinary believer to become bold in his stand. He was aggressive and dramatic in his faith and was said to have never read any other book besides the Bible.


Wigglesworth shares that, " I am conscious today that God has a design for us greater than our thoughts even or our language, and so I am not frightened of on the line of the Spiritual Exaggeration, shall I say ... Begin to’ believe on extravagant asking, believing that God is pleased when you ask large things ...  let inspiration take whole charge of you, bring you out of yourself into the power of God, it may be today that God shall so transform you into another man as you have never been before." He demonstrated these claims with many miracles, including the raising of the dead.



As for the refined John G. Lake, once a wealthy businessman, he gave all his riches away to become a global missionary. So ablaze with the Holy Spirit, it is recorded that he healed hundreds of thousands of people. He spoke about his experience with the Holy Ghost saying, “You talk about the voltage from heaven and the power of God! Why there is lightning in the soul of Jesus! The lightnings of Jesus heal men by their flash! Sin dissolves and disease flees when the power of God approaches!” 


But our modern day disciples are of a different nature from the apostles of old. These men and women of God whom you can access through social networking sites like facebook and twitter, post videos of their everyday healings. They’re tech-savvy bloggers with youtube channels that document their miracles. Videos that go viral in order to guide the students who train under them.




These disciples, despite their supernatural abilities are not untouchable individuals. They are regular folks from different walks of life. Living extraordinary lives while remaining humble and unassuming. What stands out, is the emphasis that the healings are accomplished by the power of Christ and not by them.


Most of these healers are approachable and freely giving of their gifts. They may be students, young professionals, the mom next door, your grandparents, the fireman, your doctor, nurse or even the mechanic down the street ! There is NO stereotype, but there are several common denominators .




Confidence in God, great faith and an adoration for a Christ coupled with the dramatic boldness to step up and perform miracles in God’s name.  The focus is not on the healer, and the glory is always given to Jesus.


This new healing movement is a lifestyle not a singular event. Healings can happen daily, even several times a day.  They are swift and uplifting for both the healer and the healed. The only orchestration by nature, is divine. Many Christians, being exposed to the fruits of faith are hungry to learn to heal. And numerous healing schools have formed all around the globe, training thousands of Christians to walk as disciples, performing healings wherever they may be.



There is the John G Lake Healing Ministry that is now headed by his successor Curry Blake. Any Christian can learn to heal, and their  ‘ Divine Healing Training Program’ is available online. So even if you’re in the far off reaches of Africa, Russia, Alaska or the islands of Fiji, all it takes is a wifi connection to learn to do the miraculous in a matter of days or weeks.  Their healing rooms are located around the world and people of all faiths may visit to receive a free healing.


Curry Blake is known to be a man, resolute in his dedication ," I can't say it enough, your life is transformed to the degree your mind is renewed. You want to transform your life? Then renew your mind." He goes on to share his approach to healing, saying " The Christian life is twofold: absolute humility and absolute boldness toward anything that is not of God ... Believers lay hands in the sick and they recover. Believe it, then act like you believe it. Faith requires an action. "




Then there are the Power & Love Conferences by Pastor Dan Mohler and Todd White of Neck Ministries.  www.neckministries.com


Says Pastor Dan Mohler “I didn't pray a prayer to go to Heaven, Heaven came back inside of me because I'm created to live one with God by His Spirit. I'm not here to preach a doctrine to you. And I'm not here to preach a doctrine to the world. I'm here to manifest a life that lives on the inside of me because He wants to! “



Todd White exhorts " God is not just First place, He’s Every place ! " He goes on to explain that the person being healed does not require any faith or belief in miracles, as the healing occurs based on the faith of the healer. Says Todd, " My Faith Trumps their Unbelief. "


These bold, personable men who exhibit a burning faith run hands-on workshops teaching students to heal, to prophecy and to develop a powerfully intimate relationship with God. Those who have stepped into Power & Love trainings have come out forever changed. Todd White demonstrates these God-given abilities through his TV show. Todd takes his extroverted personality out into the streets with the God Squad where he heals people as well as nurturing them with his effervescently generous, love and kindness.

Pete Cabrera Jr is based in Great Bend, Kansas and is the founder of the Royal Family International , “How can we proclaim something we do not know? … How would the average bible thumping believer reach those people who do not understand the gospel or have never heard the gospel for that matter. Simple, you show them that the God we serve shows up. He isn’t just some random God. He is the creator of all the heavens and all creation and that he provides for them because he loves them. I didn't come to Preach the gospel , I came to live it .'



As a few years ago Pete was crippled by pain himself. He had back pains that were so excruciating they took over his life and kept him searching for medical solutions as well as for a divine healing. He decided to truly renew his mind to accept all the gifts that came with Salvation. He isolated himself within an empty room in his home, voraciously studying the Bible and worshipping God. This retreat into divinity went on for weeks on end. During this time, he attended church where a visiting pastor began to lay hands on an elderly lady. Pete says,  “I saw something that I could not explain and I could not believe at the same time.I saw things moving on their own.”


In the next instant, the pastor layed hands on Pete himself and he received a miraculous, instantaneous healing of his back problems. That moment was the beginning of a deepened relationship, love and gratitude for God. From that point he chose to dedicate himself  to live like Christ and to heal others who were in pain. His passion for Christ is so vividly alive, he has been getting extraordinary results that are documented on film. These testimonies are posted on his youtube site www.youtube.com/kwisatz73





Healing is not a gift anointed to a rare few. It is the power and authority appointed to all Christians . Yes that means ‘all' Christians can successfully heal when they make the step to walk as a true believer.

Unfortunately, in the past this power has been relatively unrecognized by the world at large , yet celebrated in Christian movements and churches. But we are amidst a real wave of transformation …  and the masses are stepping forth to help heal their fellow man whoever in they are , whatever they might do or believe in.



                               The Holy Spirit breaks out at a football game


These healings are gifted free of judgement, regardless of one's background. Better than being Punk’d, the unassuming public gets healed to their astonishment !  And this life-changing moment could occur unbeknownstly in the supermarket , in the library, in the streets, in the malls, at a party … In fact , there is no telling where the need for healing may present itself, but wherever it shows up is where the healer steps in to gift it. True to the generous grace of God, all healings are free. They are given as a gift .

The Christian faith healers who follow scripture will not charge for his services.




So the query remains. How is this movement gaining such force and strength that men and women of all ages and walks of life are suddenly taking Jesus at his word and doing greater works than He did ? Questions abound … but the pragmatic reality seems to suggest that the Age of Miracles truly has returned.


Given the grand nature of this subject, let’s start with the beginnings. A miracle … simply defined is an event that defies physical laws or reality. It suggests divine intervention as well as the Grace of God that has the capability to restructure any outcome.


Biblically, miracles appear to be a recurring element of Christianity. However they are by no means a chance or random event. Rather the miracle is a deliberate demonstration of the Power of God. A divine miracle always reveals God’s benevolent will. And so it becomes a clear sign of God's truth for all those who witness it.




Let it be known that miracles are not for one’s entertainment, they thus serve a purpose ""they are for edification and revelation: John 20:31 "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name."


So does the Healer appear as the deus ex machine, breaking every form of logical structure to the plot of your life’s story, boldly defying reality and pragmatic outcomes ?

The Latin term  "god from the machine"; plural: dei ex machine, is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability, or object. It can be roughly translated as "God made it happen," with no further explanation.




God does indeed show up, but His demonstration is not random. He arrives with a vividly clear explanation. The power and authority of ONE divine being, Christ is clearly being invoked to deliver God’s will.


What is God’s Will ? It abounds with Grace. Our amazingly loving Father's Will is for all to be healthy, wealthy, happy , thriving, living in harmony and absolute joy. Herein lies the driving force behind these signs and miracles that instead of ceasing with the times, appear now to be accelerating in number. Grace abounds from the finished work of Jesus, all sins have been paid for in full, and this includes any form of ill-heath.


Let's revisit the appearance of miracles, signs and wonders historically. We are well aware of the Biblical eras when miracles were rife. Quite specifically, they were witnessed in three major periods of time, known as the three majestic eras.


The 1st era occurs during the time of Moses and Joshua when we see the miracles of Exodus; the burning bush, the ten plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the crossing of Jordan, the fall of Jericho, the battle of Gibeon and more.




The 2nd era is observed during the ministries of Elijah and Elisha. God restored pure worship free of idolatry and miracles poured forth,. We see the miracle of Jonah, the two great miracles of Isaiah and the miracles of Daniel.




The 3rd era was during the time of Christ and his disciples. Close to 40 miracles of the demonstrative nature of God’s power were documented in the Gospels, but many more were said to have occurred. In fact, even more were witnessed by his disciples and left unrecorded. In essence, miracles were so proliferous they could be said to be His norm.




Now each of these eras is less than a century long in the span of human history.  Yet within these three brief periods of time, miracles did appear with much opulence. Yet God has not chosen to limit Himself  and the Holy Spirit to those three periods of time.  Rather, it is the men and women of great faith in  God, as well as the son of God who were connected to the supernatural stream of goodness that is available to all who seek.




Today we are in a much superior position than the men and women of the past. Now in the era of the New Covenant, a time of new promises that arrived after the crucifixion of Christ. Under the terms of the New Covenant sealed in the blood of Christ, God has promised that His spirit will now live in us. We become the living temples that house the Holy Spirit.




And as Jesus prepared us, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater  works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” John 14:12


It is no wonder that the Age of Miracles has returned with such a passionate, holy abandon. We are now better equipped to deliver the works of God. He lives in us and all those we come across can benefit from the Grace of God. Pain, infirmity, blindness , and so forth are not in our original design so by no means should it be allowed to continue. If a healing is what you need seek out a man or woman of God , ask for a quick prayer and begin to receive the Grace of God in its full majesty !



 This article was written by Mahira Amir Khan. Follow Mahira on her blog http://mahiraamirkhan.blogspot.com

The author is currently writing a book on the Gospel of Grace and can be contacted at [email protected]




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