'Not just a facial, but a ritual'

When going for a treatment that makes us feel better about ourselves and the three R's relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the day, we rarely take the time to find out about the individual that is offering the service. This was a special day for celebrities as they met a special woman with more than your everyday story. Her name is Mia Simon as she is one of those you would term 'The Incredible's' and that's NOT being the overweight superheroes but a superhero's with a blessing.


It was Oscar week when the rich and famous were introduced to the 'Facial Ritual'. It wasn't simply the ritual itself that impressed them but the woman who was doing it. At first you think that Hollywood had once again come up with a fancy name for something that had been around for years the facial. I must admit that I doubt in caveman days, the woman was taken into a quiet room where soft music played and skin products lined the walls.

This year 'Heaven' was located in the heart of the Sunset strip at a spa called Andre. Not only does it seem that the celebrities alone are spoiled anymore. It is also time to bring along your pooch. Dogs walked around with their heads held high while sporting their new Pawlished T-shirts with names like Killer scrawled across the back.

A woman with a beautiful assortment of red hair approached me and introduced herself as Mia. She had an accent, which I soon found out was Rumanian. I was led into her very quiet and candle lit room.

'So what is a facial Ritual?' I start to ask.

'Just relax darlink, you will see'. She held my hands, 'I know who you are, now just relax.'

While I lay on the bed, Mia told me that she takes care of Terri Hatcher and a number of other A-list celebrities. She spoke to me as if we'd known each other for years, not four minutes, 'Terri loves this treatment.'

'I remember Terri coming to see me two weeks before she got Desperate Housewives. She was crying and thought she would never work again. I looked at her and told her not to worry, something big was coming along for her'.  Some of the other celebrity clients Mia helps are Whitney Houston, Tae Leoni, Richard Dreyfuss and his wife amongst others.

It was at this point I realized the woman doing the ritual was also psychic in a non-spooky kind of way.  There isn't a way that one cannot relax when having one of Mia's rituals as at no point is there a part of your body not being worked on. Hot rocks are rubbed up and down the arms. The feet are put in some wet blankets and then a form of reflexology is given. Icy balls are placed in the eye sockets, eyes closed of course, and one is immediately refreshed. It is an easy way to melt into the bed like caramel. She has a secret ingredient, which she places over the face and like a good witch puts together powders and oils and things and then your face starts to bubble. This is putting oxygen into your face and making your skin look ten years younger.

It has been my experience that everyone has a tale. Some are more jaw dropping than others and some can be interpreted as magical.

Mia Simon, born in Rumania, had a gift. Her life was different the day she was born. Her mother, Maria, was holding her in her arms wrapped up tightly as they did in those days, in blankets and more. Suddenly there was an explosion to which Mia's day old wrapped up body was tossed towards the window for safety. Mia's mother suffered the bomb and was covered in burns, which she died from later that day. Her stepfather formally adopted Mia. Some would call her life blessed and others would make her a victim. Not Mia, she knew she was different and had something special to offer.

At age ten Mia started dancing as a hobby. She became an expert at folk dancing and ballet. Again her talents took her to places that only the fortunate experience. Mia has danced for President Nixon, Queen Elizabeth, and Fidel Castro among others. The Pope called for Mia to come to Italy where she was blessed. Following this the King of Sweden sent a letter to Romania about her.

On March 3rd, 1977 Mia had a dream. She was in a building when it began to collapse around her. She could hear screaming and people falling from the building. There was a woman by one of the windows and Mia reached out to grab a hand;

'It's not your time' the woman spoke to her. Mia woke up realizing it was a dream but felt something bad was going to happen. She called her friends to warn them. Some listened to her and some didn't. That day, March 4th,  1977  there was an earthquake, which was 7.2 on the Richter scale, which caused the loss of many lives, one being one of Mia's dearest friends.

Feeling the need to use herself to help others Mia started perfecting her 'facial ritual' where she felt a close contact with people. This replaced her place as a performer. Still she was being used for more than this. A couple of years later Mia wasn't feeling right. She was feeling tired and strained. After a visit to the doctor and many tests she was told she had M.S.

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic demyelization disease of the central nervous system. It is said never to go away, only to progress, resulting in the central nervous system comprising the brain and the spinal cord. It affects the body in ways that are debilitating and painful. It is a disease that gets worse over time leading to not being able to walk and have difficulty moving due to the signals finding difficulty reaching the nerves due to the Myelin, which is the coating on the nerves. It was especially hard for Mia who had been a dancer and her work involved working closely with others and plenty of movement. Two or three years went by to the point where she was now bent over and crippled. A lady was introduced to her and saved her life.  This came in the form of bee therapy that not a lot of people know about,

The proper name for it is Apiterapy, the medicinal use of honeybee products and it has been practiced since ancient times. Honeybee venom contains at least 18 active substances. Bee venom therapy can be used in a wide variety of medical situations. Some are Arthritis and other systemic inflammations, acute and chronic injuries, scar tissue and  Multiple Sclerosis. It is not for the squeamish and the treatment is prolonged, the bee venom therapy can be performed by a beekeeper, or by a patient or partner who is taught to use the bees.

A bee is removed from a jar or hive with tweezers, held over an area of the body, which it then stings. The number, sites, and frequency of the stings depend on the patient and the problem. Multiple sclerosis takes months to respond, though sometimes patients feel more energetic after a few times. MS patients who use bee venom insist that one must keep it up 2-3 times a week for 6 months in order to give it a full trial.  Mia, miraculously was cured with three to four months. She now uses other alternative medicines to live a productive life.


Another time Mia's ability to see things saved her life once again. Mia was offered two tickets to China as her friend was unable to go. She declined the generous offer as she had a bad feeling about it. The flight she was going to be on crashed and their were no survivors.

Now Mia lives in Los Angeles where she gives facials to the stars and if you're very lucky she might read your palm and let you in on a little secret about your future. Not only will you leave with a glowing face but also a glowing prediction.

To make an appointment Mia Simon call 818 257 8586

For more information on Bee Therapy go to www.beevenom.com

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