"BIRTHday" at Women's Physical Therapy Gives New Mothers New Hope

The Soothing Stretches of Gyrotonics

Your due date is approaching, and you couldn't be less ready. Lamaze gives you migraines, your waistline is woebegone, and an elephant's ankles look slimmer than yours.  Even an epidemic sounds better than an epidural. If you're an expecting mother who wishes there was more to expect, you aren't alone.

In fact, women just like you are doing something about it. Gail Pekelis's Women's Physical Therapy in Beverly Hills offers a wide variety of pre-natal and postpartum exercises your gym might offer, but here are toned down and tailored for your pregnant body. The center provides an array of traditional therapies as well as modern options; massage and water therapies are offered alongside classes on HypnoBirthing and a doula birth support service. This is a place that encourages exploration of all the services your doctor doesn't provide, but healthy women need.

Discussion on Doula Support

Many healthy women found out what they needed at WPT's August 14th open house, affectionately titled "BIRTHday," where the center's friendly and highly trained professional staff gave demonstrations of their nurturing services. Their mission: to make every woman's BIRTHday - birthing, not birth - as enjoyable an experience as possible. When you commit yourself to their capable hands, the women of Women's Physical Therapy will work to ensure your optimal health and comfort during all stages of becoming a mother. And would you really mind a little Pilates in the process?

Saturday's event drew women pregnant and non-pregnant alike to experience the amenities of a pampered pregnancy. The bi-level center first held motion-based demonstrations upstairs, teaching baby-gentle Yoga and Pilates in a softly lit room. The tranquil atmosphere here, where movement classes are held on foam mats, would make women comfortable on porcupine's backs (but don't worry - porcupine therapy is not in their brochure). Light hardwood floors and white walls are enhanced by candlelight and a dreamy lavender-imbued scent, for ultimate relaxation.

Attendees, Young and Younger

Women's Physical Therapy's use of Yoga truly promotes the literal Sanskrit meaning of the word -- "union." You might already know that the practice of yoga serves to unify a woman's mind, body, and spirit, stripped of the distracting effects of fatigue, swelling, and emotional stress. What you might not have known is that practicing pre-natal Yoga actually increases blood volume and placental growth, creating a bonding union between mother and child.
The center also readily welcomes the father's support and involvement, encouraging Dad to attend Baby Massage and "Itsy Bitsy Yoga" courses to share in the bonding experience. Similarly, the center also welcomes Grandma, Uncle, Cousin, Nanny and Neighbor, because the more loving support Mom has around her, the happier the whole family will be.

Brunch at Crescent Hotel

"BIRTHday" walked the walk, but also talked the talk. Downstairs, Women's Physical Therapy's highly educated practitioners held discussions on the benefits of having a labor doula, and using the medication-free HypnoBirth method. The effect of the lectures was dramatic -- women in attendance learned that a doula could be your best friend in the office, at the grocery store, and by your side through even your 48-hour labor. HypnoBirthing went from being a flaky foreign option to a sound and reliable alternative to the dreaded epidural.

By afternoon, the information session turned into an Hors-d'oeuvres social at the airy Crescent Hotel next door, with a generous raffle featuring acupuncture and Pilates visits, a gift certificate for Mamasita maternity wear, a big stuffed bear chair for a child, developmental toys, and an appointment with Day One Photography to capture your baby's birth day.

If you seek something more than Lamaze during your next pregnancy, Women's Physical Therapy's caring and supportive environment will accommodate your every need. If you seek fun new ways to bond with your newborn, their baby-friendly classes will show you how. These knowledgeable and well-educated practitioners know how you feel - they've been there, and you'll be thankful you're here.

To learn more, please visit www.womensphysicaltherapy.com.

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