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Xtreme Lashes has global training opportunities for people who are interested in becoming Lash Stylists. I was lucky enough to take my training in Santa Monica, California.

Before and after

Bright and early I entered the training room, joining eight other excited and happy women. Our instructor for the training was Zayd Soufi. Who is a Master Lash Artist and has his own eyelash extension business Lashes by Zayd. He is also an Educator for Xtreme Lashes and has been traveling the country training lash stylists for Xtreme Lashes for the last four years. "I put my heart and soul into my classes," says Zayd. "I'm here to encourage my students to follow their dreams; and to build our industry ".

Zayd started out his working career on a very different path as a graphic designer, until a friend persuaded him to go with her to a liveeyelash extensiondemonstration. "I loved it right away," Zayd says. "Here was something natural [eyelashes] that I thought couldn't be improved upon. And BAM—here I was witnessing incredible changes taking place. The transformation wasn't limited to the physical lashes, it went deeper and seemed to increase self-confidence. That's what really got me."

I asked him to tell me what it was about styling lashes that appealed to him. "Making people feel good about themselves is so rewarding," says Zayd. "Through lashes, I'm transforming a client's appearance. But, the change is more than skin deep. It's about the chance for a client to see themselves in a new light, to bolster their confidence and that's just the most gratifying thing I could ever ask for."

All tools provided and I get to keep them

At the beginning of the training we went on a round of introducing ourselves and I was fascinated to hear the stories of what brought everyone to Xtreme Lashes. Most of the women in my class were makeup artists with clients who had been requesting eye lash extensions. One of the women had flown in from Canada for the training. Another had a friend who always had perfect lashes no matter what time of day or night and upon asking found out they were extensions. Yet another was there after having taken classes with another company and feeling like she had not received the knowledge or confidence that she had been given the best training she needed to be able to go out of it and offer her services.

In an industry full of competition Xtreme Lashes is recognized as a leader in the eyelash extensions. This is due to several factors such as their commitment to the health and safety of their consumers, the quality products they produce, the specialized training and support they offer their stylists.

Nicole Murnin a Makeup Artist and owner of LaSirène Irrésistible attended training with me. She was taking the class for the second time in order to earn her Certification. I asked her to tell me about her experiences working with Xtreme Lashes and why she chose them above other companies. Her response was “Coming from corporate America with a strong marketing background, I found Xtreme Lashes to be the most comprehensive module to start a business from the ground up. From inception of their business idea and technique created from a Registered Nurse and make-up artist to the chemical engineer team taking years to develop their glues, I knew this company had something special. Their beautiful pictures, marketing materials and website appealed to me and I knew instinctively this is the company that resonated with my ideals and passion for luxurious beauty services. I was confident they would provide me with everything necessary in targeting the niche I wanted to; women who want the best of the best in luxurious beauty services.

When I first received my training, I was overwhelmed. I never thought this would be so hard. I struggled. My teacher, Carla, provided me with the motivation, knowledge and inspiration to invest the time and money into my business and my craft. I bought retail products to sell, exponentially increasing my profit potential. I began to target my circle of friends and family as models to get the skills I needed to become a Certified Lash Stylist. The structure of their Certification test makes it almost impossible to become certified without going through the ins and outs of hours and hours of practice, practice and more practice. Knowing that each lash has to be perfect on my certification test, I began to practice on each of my clients and models with impeccable technique. I thought I would be ready in 2 months to take the test, but it took significantly longer than I first conceived.

We teamed up and practiced on each other

As a business person, they have equipped me with a business plan, marketing materials, networking and support. They have answered every question I have had. They have provided me with retail products I am proud to sell. They have also equipped me with the confidence to charge for a luxury service, because my skills and knowledge are nothing less than that.”

Back to class, the two days of class seemed to whirl by. Zayd our instructor was professional, knowledgeable and very giving with his expertise. We spent time in learning how to pre-qualify our clients to see if they were good candidates to receive eyelash extensions. This included making sure that physically they didn’t have allergies, or diseases that would interfere with the process. Then there was a lot of time in learning health and safety measures one needs to take when working so close to the eyes. Other things that were covered in the class were ways to market your business, and ways to style the eyes with the lash extensions. This is where the artistry comes in you can actually create the illusion of changing the shape of a persons eye, by which kinds of lashes you use and where the lashes are placed. They also have colored lashes available and with these you can enhance the natural color of a person’s eye by applying colored lashes in the mix. The last thing I wanted to mention which they covered in class was about the difference between a good lash extension and extensions that are not so good. If poor products or incorrect application techniques are used, the results can be disastrous and can actually damage the clients’ natural lashes.

Zayd demostrating the proper techniques

The real fun started when it finally came time to learn to apply the actual lashes. Zayd showed us everything hands-on first. Then we teamed up and practiced on each other. Zayd went around checking our work and giving us individual tips on our technique. I was surprised at how difficult I found it. When you see it done it looks relatively straightforward and simple. I found the simple part not to be the case at all. I felt like my fingers were buttered it was hard to just hold and use the tweezers with the proper hand technique. Then there was the task of actually touching the extension lash to the real lash. Wow. I was also surprised at how slow my work was. On the first attempt after about two hours, I think I got around ten lashes on both eyes. After just one day, the mystery of why someone could call themselves a lash artist and how they can charge the prices they do for expert extensions was answered. It isn’t easy and it requires hours and hours of practice on multiple clients to perfect your technique. I think it also requires the personality of someone who is extremely detail oriented and patient. It’s the ideal thing for perfectionists who require “instant gratification”; the kind of instant that only comes from hard work and time.

I’ve got a video clip here for you to see an eyelash expertly applied.

Please wait for the video to load.

Since training class I’ve been practicing on my mannequin head and my friends. I’m getting quicker at applying lashes and am feeling better about my work. I’ve started a Facebook page called Lashionistas where you can follow me if you’re interested.

So there you have it. The training was excellent. I left the first day wondering what I’d gotten myself into and questioning if I’d ever get it. The second day I felt 100% more secure and confident. Ah, the difference a little hard work and dedication can make. The instruction given, knowledge I gained and the techniques I picked up were first class. The support system Xtreme Lashes has set up for their stylist’s is amazing. They are obviously interested in doing everything they can to provide the highest quality of products and instruction to ensure the success of their Lash Stylists and also their company.

Long luscious lashes

If you feel like eyelash extensions are something you’re interested in here’s a link to find an Xtreme Lashes training program near you. Or if you just want gorgeous lashes use this one to find an Xtreme Lashes certified stylist near you.

As a special offer to our readers Xtreme Lashes has offered a special discount for their training programs. Use promo code:BG1009splash100 for $100 OFF the training program.

For more information you can visit their website at http://www.xtremelashes.com/ or by calling 877.Big.Lash

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