We Care: Holistic Health and Spa Resort

Are you ready to learn about Hollywood's little secret?  Well it's a spa in Palm Springs that gives you a new glow and a cleansed colon, along with a flattened stomach.  The entire program is about allowing the body to stop focusing on digestion of solid foods; this gives the body a chance to focus on more important things like cleansing and shedding the bad elements you put into your body daily.  In other words, the main purpose of the sixteen year old We Care program is to detoxify the body and to promote health and raise energy levels by ridding people of the "poisons" in their system.

Celebs have been coming to this spa and forgoing solid foods in favor of an all natural diet that is mostly made up of liquids and pills.  The diet is packed with enzymes, vitamins and acidophilus, which promotes digestion, as well as freshly squeezed veggie juice, herbal teas, water with lemon, and barley and wheatgrass shots.  The diet is also accompanied by daily colonics, to flush the system literally of toxins.  The colonics are not something to be shy about here at the We Care spa.  It is the base of the cleansing program and all clients go through it.  It helps shed the pounds, flatten the stomach, and get rid of those love handles which the celebs love and need when they walk down that red carpet. 

The goal of the program is to remove all the waste from the body and replace it with high-nutrient liquids.  It helps people also get rid of their vices such as cigarettes, caffeine and processed foods.  A regular visit to the spa can last as long as three, five or eight days.  Before arriving at the relaxing spa environment, a restricted diet of water and raw or steamed vegetables is suggested for four days to a week before arrival.  Though, it seems that most people seem to be gorging themselves before arriving at the spa because of the fear of not eating anything real for a week.

Once you get to the spa, you are given pills and teas and it's sayonara to solid foods.  Then you are whisked off to a room for your colonics.  Your new relationship with your technician begins.  This person now knows things about you your mother doesn't even know.  She will know especially if you cheated on your pre-spa diet and will let you know because you will be full of gasses and toxins.  But in the end, you will still be purified.

Because We Care is still a spa, the regular spa activities are still available along with colonics.  There are morning and afternoon hikes, yoga and meditation classes and of course facials and massages.  The daily menu consists of a huge tumbler of vegetable juice served around one o'clock and vegetable soup served at five.  Also served are various pills taken throughout the day and herbal teas.  This all comes to about 1,200 calories, the daily recommended amount. 



When you leave the We Care spa, you come out feeling more alive then ever.  You are proud of yourself for enduring such a rigorous week.  You are elated that you shed those ten pounds that have never gone away since high school.  Though you do spend the first two days in a daze from the lack of food, you are remarkably reborn after that with a new energy and a new found happiness. 

Susan Lobardi, We Care's founder says, "It's not what is ingested that benefits the body, but what is digested and assimilated that counts."  Such stars such as Alicia Silverstone, Matt Damon, Giselle Bundchen and Liv Tyler all swear by this spa miracle that reestablishes your body's natural balance.

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