Universal Contour Wrap Review - Lose Inches in Two Hours

Universal Contour

It’s after Thanksgiving and you’re afraid to stand on the scale because you couldn’t decide whether to have turkey or ham. But so much more decisions to make:  an assortment of appetizers, sweet potatoes, yams, creamy mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, potatoes, string bean casserole and three different types of stuffing. You put so much on your plate, you needed sideboards. And to make this plate a masterpiece, you drizzle it with gravy and add a few rolls. Oh no! What about dessert?  Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie, lemon meringue, bread pudding, etc. Then you wash it down with your favorite beverage.

The next day you wake up thinking you had a nightmare, but it was all true. You couldn’t decide what to eat so you went ahead and tried it all. Now you can’t zip up your pants. Everything is tight except your favorite sweat pants--what a relief. Even worse, you can’t fit in that cute dress for the upcoming holiday party.

AnnaLynne McCord

You can go to the library and find diet books from (A-Z): the Atkins Diet to the Zone diet. However, if you’re looking to lose inches quickly, another weight loss system is the Universal Contour Wrap.

Specially trained therapist wrap your body with up to thirty elasticized bandages (takes 45 minutes) the bandages are pre-soaked in a unique warm mineral-rich clay solution discovered by Dr. Richard Strem, after extensive research into beneficial minerals used in spa treatments. The bandages sculpt and tone your body for one hour while the minerals are absorbed into your skin and the clay draws out toxins.

Julianne Hough

Pros of Universal Contour Wrap:

--You are guaranteed to lose 6 inches in two hours and last for 30 days
--If you don’t lose at least 6 inches, you won’t be charged
--You should maintain a loss of at least 6 inches for a period of 30 days or you will be wrapped again free of charge (provided you don’t gain weight)
--You don’t have to go to a gym
--You don’t have to diet
--Your skin is soft and smooth
--You feel as though you had a full body massage
--You may feel re-charged to begin a better health program
--Your body is more toned and tightened
--The clay draws out toxins
--The clay solution continues to detoxify and tighten your body for up to four days as long as you follow “After Wrap Instructions”
--Partial body wraps are available
--Drinking plenty of water after treatments may help continue the inch loss, detox and cleansing process.

Cons of Universal Contour Wrap:

--The inches will increase if you gain weight
--You may feel claustrophobic
--The guarantee is good provided you don’t put on weight
--Partial wraps are not offered a guarantee
--Avoid soap for five days (except for the underarms and groin area)
--Avoid cream/lotions for five days
--Avoid hot showers for five days
--Avoid tea, coffee, sugar, salt, carbonated drinks, alcohol and fried and fatty foods for five days.

Neil Patrick Harris

I began with the therapist measuring my body (with just underwear on) and then wrapped with the elasticized bandages. If you ever had your ankle wrapped for a sprained ankle or your arm wrapped for tendinitis—this is how it feels, but for your entire body.

I felt  a little claustrophobic, however, having a facial during the wrap process helped me feel less closed-up. It also made the waiting time go by faster. 

Universal Contour

The unwrapping process was  much faster, I felt like I was being unwound. When it was all over, I was measured again and I lost a total of 8.5 inches throughout my entire body. I felt lighter and my skin softer. I was refreshed and clear minded. A few days later, my tight jeans were just little more loose and a lot more comfortable.

So if you’re looking for a quick way to lose inches the Universal Contour Wrap is an option. The proof is in the numbers. If you don’t lose at least 6 inches from your first treatment of Universal Contour Wrap, you pay nothing.


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