U. M. Style Trendy new hair salon on Robertson

Robertson Blvd one of L.A.'s trendiest streets has treasures galore just ripe for the picking.  During an errand in late January I had a little free time and set off to explore this style setting area, I began by searching for a hot mocha to sip on my journey.

As I hunted I noticed a cute little courtyard tucked away off the street. Curious as to what treasure I might find I turned down the courtyard, almost at the end, on the left hand side there was a bustle of activity coming from inside an opened door. I peered in and saw elegantly colored burnt orange walls, an entire wall of head to toe full length mirrors, hung side by side, a flat screen TV on another wall and two adorable men smiling at me.

They invited me in and told me about they were just opening up a new Hair Salon. Their names were Mario and Udi. Business partners, they were both hair stylists who had been previously working in Beverly Hills. They just happened to be in the Salon doing some last minute touch ups on the space as I was snooping around. The space itself was lovely; warm, sophisticated, with cosmopolitan touches all around. The men themselves were handsome, stylish, fun, flirty and very attentive. Just the perfect combination to have in a hair stylist, someone hip enough to be aware of the trends going on and attentive enough to make you feel as if you were a VIP.  I immediately felt at home in the Salon and with them. When they invited me back for a style, I gladly accepted.

Mario, Udi and the gang at U.M. Style

Ok, here is where my confession comes in, I acted like a real flake with these guys, it took me a couple of weeks to even get back for a cut and a couple of months to tell you about it.  I even lost their business card. I decided I had to go in person and get another one so I could schedule an appointment. Regardless of the time I'd waited, Udi and Mario remembered me and greeted me like an old friend. They even offered to work me in then and there.

After consulting with me and finding out my only desire was to keep the length of my hair. I turned myself over completely to the magic hands of Mario.  He decided I need some highlights and more layers. I got shampooed and then he went to work, painting highlights into my dull mousey hair. We chatted and I learned he came from a large family. Born and raised until his teenage years in Paris he then moved to Israel and later the states. He started his career at the feet of his father, who also did hair, (in fact all but one of his siblings is a hair stylist), sweeping the hair up of the floor of his fathers salon. He resisted going into his father's trade but allowed him to train him in the art of hair styling. A little after his teenage years Mario gave in and began to cut hair, he has continued since and is very happy in the family tradition.

Wanting to be surprised with my new look, I resisted the temptation to gaze at myself in the mirror as he cut my hair.  When I did look my first thought was that I loved the cut. It had great lines to it very flattering and moved well. The highlights I wasn't so sure of, in my head, I had a caramel color in mind and they were more blonde in fact some were quite blonde.  I didn't dislike or hate them, but I was surprised. I just couldn't decide if I liked them, they just didn't seem like me. I thought well you asked for someone's opinion and left the choice to them, so just live with the highlights for a while. My lovely men at the U. M. Style Salon raved about them and I decided to save my judgments for later.
Since my cut I've been gone from L.A. on business and family matters for a couple of months and haven't been able to go in for a fresh cut. But I really haven't needed too; my cut has lasted longer than any other and has been one of the best I've ever had. The style has continued to evolve as my hair has grown and it looks as fresh, as if it were just cut. I've had very little upkeep on it, if I want to I style it, I do and it looks great. If I don't want to style it, I don't and it still looks great. It's bouncy and sassy. When I turn my head right it swings with it when I turn left it swings and then falls precisely back in place. The highlights that I wasn't so sure of have gotten so many complements from everyone. My friends love them and when I'd voice my concerns about them being to blonde, they say 'No, their great!'.  I even had a stranger in a doctor's office tell me 'I really like your highlights! Where did you get them done?' After the surprise wore off I've even come to love them. I sincerely have never had so many complements on my hair before.

I've always had problems with my hair, never being able to make it look as good as when I leave a Salon.  I'm one of the girls who loves to give herself a home color treatment but can't do a thing with the style. With the cut and lights I got at U.M. that's a thing of the past. My hair now looks as good as if I were a celebrity. I'm also one of the people who hates the attitude in the trendy hair salons, with everyone acting like they are better than everyone else.  I've found too many of them icy cold and insincere. This is why I find U.M. so refreshing; they are just the opposite, warm, friendly and unpretentious artists, whose work is superb and not just trendy but trend setting.

I'm really delighted I happened to be wandering down Robertson and chance upon a courtyard with a great new Salon opening in it. It has been a few months since they've opened and U. M. Style is always busy, creating hip and stylish Angelinos; make sure you are the next one.

U.M. Style
265 S. Robertson Blvd. Unit 4
Beverly Hills CA 90211
31o 652-0963
310 652 0967

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