Truefitt & Hill 200 Years and Counting

If you've been around 200 years you certainly must be doing something right. Without a doubt, Truefitt & Hill is doing something right and this is knowing how to take care of a man's face.

Guineness World Record Certificate

On October 21st, Truefitt & Hill will celebrate its 200th anniversary since it first began taking care of men's faces in a Salon in London.

Maybe you haven't heard of Truefitt & Hill, if you haven't you should find out what you've been missing. They not only have a long history in terms of years but also in who has used its products. You could start off with Sir Winston Churchill, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and up to current times you have rock star Lenny Kravitz. Not bad company to be in, and I'm sure these gentleman could use whatever they want to take care of their faces and they went with Truefitt & Hill.

First and foremost Truefull & Hill is dedicated to making sure men get a great shave. They not only give you one of the premier shaving products available, but they will literally shave your face for you, as well as teach you the best way to shave on your own.

Truefitt & Hill Las Vegas

You can get a close professional shave at one of Truefitt & Hills Barber Shops, which include the one in Las Vegas, which celebrates in first anniversary on October 21st as well, London and the grand opening of the newest shop in midtown New York. All three locations will be part of the celebration on the 21st.

Truefitt & Hill is also introducing it's new hair management product line at this time. This will include hair control products, shampoos and conditioners that are all based on the type of hair you have.

Of course you can get all the products to take care of your face from start to finish. Starting with the pre-shave oil, moving onto a silky smooth shave with the signature shaving cream and completing the process with the aftershave. As you can imagine with 200 years of knowledge, these products are top of the line. The shaving cream is a must have, no matter what the type of whisker on your face, this shaving cream will not only set your face up for the shave but leave with a soft, comforting feel and so smooth that you will actually wonder if you are actually shaving. It almost gives you a sense of a moisturizer as opposed to a shaving cream.

For more information on Truefitt & Hill products or its Barber Shops, visit or call 1-800-236-8089.


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