The Makeup Show LA 2009 - Los Angeles Celebrates Makeup


The Makeup Show LA finally makes its debut

From the cat walks of New York City to the red carpets of Hollywood, the producers of The Makeup Show NYC have finally introduced The Makeup Show to LA.  Over 50 different vendors participated in the two day event in downtown Los Angeles. Vendors included, Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Temptu, and Stila.  The exhibit was closed to the public. Open only to makeup artists, professionals, students, and press within the industry.  The idea was to showcase the latest products, trends and techniques in the makeup world, and exchange inside beauty tips. For instance, did you know Preparation H can be used to reduce swelling under the eyes? And, Visine reduces redness on the face if you mix a couple drops into your moisturizer? Who knew? For those of you who couldn’t attend the event and love makeup, keep reading! 
My first question is why has it taken so long for LA to get a makeup show? We live smack dab in the red carpet capital of the world! Angelinos care more about looks than anyone.  In a city where paparazzi lurk around every corner and employers ask for a headshot along with a resume why has it taken this long to get two days dedicated to makeup? Let’s forget how much our Fashion week sucks and make up for it with a week of kick ass makeup shows!

Makeup Forever Booth

 I love makeup! Letting me loose into a Sephora is like letting a fat kid into a candy shop with 20 bucks! Or even worse, an alcoholic at party with an open bar! I could go on, but you get the point. When I see all the different colors of eye shadows and lip glosses and my heart starts to race and I lose my breath.

Bright colored eyeshadows are big this summer

Instantly I can justify spending $25 on a bright coral lip-gloss. My name is Samantha, and I am a “Makeup-aholic”
  Let’s be real, Los Angeles may not be on the cutting edge of fashion but, as the movie and entertainment capital of the world we are on the forefront of makeup.

Special effects booth

From special effects on films like The Watchmen, to the body painted beauties at the Playboy mansion we’ve always been trend setters in makeup.   

A body painted model

The most popular trend I saw during the event was High Definition cosmetics.  Once used just for newscasters, models and actors, HD cosmetics are becoming more popular among women who want to appear like they would in HDTV.   Soon, when the nation's broadcasters all switch from analog to digital, every flaw will be noticed on every TV across America!  This made it a great opportunity for the producers of The Makeup Show to educate people on the benefits of HD makeup.
The best brands to try now are by Makeup Forever’s, HD Invisible Cover Foundation $40; and Smashbox’s, HD Healthy FX Foundation $38. Temptu also has an HD air compressor foundation. It is expensive and tricky to use but, the outcome is flawless.  It graced the runways at New York Fashion Week this month. 

Temptu Artistry

Artists poured liquid makeup into little spray guns, and then airbrushed the silicone-based HD makeup on the models in a fine, colorless mist. It smelled a bit like paint when first applied, but the result was an odorless, light foundation. The daytime women of The View are rumored to be using this spray on foundation to get that pore less effect on HDTV. 
One of the speakers I enjoyed most during the show was Multiple Emmy Award-winning Makeup Artist Kevin-James Bennett.

Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett demonstrates HD makeup

 He has spent more than 20 years in the industry honing the skills that have brought him respect from peers and celebrities alike.  Bennett says, “Over time I’ve acquired many affectionate nicknames. I’ve been called “Blenderella” and “Beauty Bitch.” It’s all good.  Call me whatever you like…just keep calling me.” Thanks to his candid wit and contagious sense of humor Bennett has the ability to hold an audience of makeup lovers spellbound.
During his hour long seminar for Makeup Forever, he discussed the importance of primers. Makeup Forever makes a great one. They also are the only company offering color correcting primers.  The Makeup Forever HD foundation is available in 27 different shades. “So, don’t come to me saying you can’t find your color people!” The foundation is silicone based, which means its oil free but still creamy, water proof and water resistant.

The final product is flawless

  But, by far the highlight of the collection was the Microfinish Powder. OMG! People were buying it like hot cakes! It is pure white in color but goes on colorless. It is used to finish and set makeup as well as eliminate any oil.  Bennett says, “This little pot of white powder is the best thing to come along since, well…the other white powder.”

Makeup Forever's Microfinish Powder was flying off the shelves

 Hilarious as ever, he also let the audience in on a little secret. A product called, “Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre.” “It’s basically three great products in one. For like 20 bucks.” Embryolisse was formulated by a French physician in the 1950’s. The Crème is a light moisturizer that can also be used as a primer or makeup remover.  I love it so much I got two tubes for myself!

Embryolisse is the best kept secret umong celebrities and makeup artists

Another seminar I attended was with Smashbox Cosmetics co–founders, Dean and Davis Factor, great- grandsons With Dean Factor’s business background and Davis Factor’s photography background, the two handsome brothers started Smashbox Cosmetics. As the great-grandsons, of Hollywood cosmetics legend Max Factor Dean and Davis have been called industry pioneers. 

Davis Factor talks about his career path

Davis knows the importance of good looking skin on camera. Having over 20 years in the photography industry, he has worked with Annie Leibowitz during that infamous Vanity Fair shoot with a pregnant Demi Moore. Now, their makeup is used by celebrity makeup artists all over the world. Smashbox was the first to use primer and invent an anti-shine foundation.

Smashbox HD Collection

This caused the makeup world to step it up! Smashbox Cosmetics has won many awards and still outsells the competition in many areas.  Last March, they rolled out their HD makeup line. It has since become one of the company's top-selling products.

Smashbox's Smash hit Photo Finish

As some of you know, until recently, the Factors have played a big part in LA’s fashion week.  They volunteered their Culver City Studio to host the seasonal event.  But, after 5 years they have parted ways with IMG.  This year LA Fashion Week was held in downtown at a huge venue. Much too big for a Los Angeles fashion week. Gen Art and Boxeight were the hosts.

A model walks the cat walk during LA's first fashion week without Smashbox

 The obvious absence of Smashbox saddened many fashion goers.  Davis did inform me that they are working on things now and hopefully by 2010 Smashbox will be a part of LA Fashion Week once again. 

Dean and Davis Factor

For more information on any of the products listed above, just click on the links.




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