Superstar Nail Lacquer Review - "Haute Couture For Your Hands"

What do women really want in a nail polish? Women want great colors, a quick dry, and a quality polish all wrapped in one. Let me introduce you to a line that gives us women exactly what we are looking for— Superstar Nail Lacquer.

Amanda Bynes for "Fully Book Fuchsia"

Superstar Nail Lacquer was created by the mother daughter duo Stacia and Ariana Pierce. Giving women impressive hues for their nails and a quick drying formula for the colors to set instantly has definitely caught my attention. The colors of the line were concocted to match the fashion trends of the red carpets and runways in Hollywood.

Selena Gomez is all about Superstar Nail Lacquer too!

Superstar Nail Lacquer, also known as “Haute Couture For Your Hands,” embraces the fashion trends of Hollywood so you and your nails will always be in sync with “what’s in” at the moment of style and trend. Many celebrities have taken notice to Superstar Nail Lacquer and it is has been seen on red carpets all around tinsel town.

With "Rising Star Razzberry," you'll feel like Barbie!

Superstar Nail Lacquer is so fun, so trendy, and so upbeat that you’ll feel like a superstar any day flaunting the fabulous colors. The Spring line has just arrived and it includes the colors: My Stylist Loves Pink, Oranju An A-Lister, Rising Star Razzberry, Park Avenue Purple, and Walk The Red Carpet. Even the names of each polish screams out “I’m Fabulous!”

You can catch Shar Jackson wearing Superstar Nail Lacquer

My Stylist Loves Pink and Fierce Fuchsia are beautiful, bold colors that bring attention to your nails instantly. Park Avenue Purple is apart of their shimmery metallic line that creates a gorgeous jewel tone bringing elegance to your look.
Rising Star Razzberry and Walk The Red Carpet are absolutely fun and glamorous; these two colors are the icing on the cake to top off your look, not to mention, they are my favorite of the bunch.

"Walk The Red Carpet" is one of my favorites!

Wearing these colors around Hollywood has brought me never ending compliments and I’m very happy to respond to the compliments with, “ Superstar Nail Lacquer! Get their colors, you’re going to fall in love!”

Kyla Pratt has dibs on Superstar Nail Lacquer!

Asking Co-Owner Ariana Pierce a few questions on line, I was able to understand why this line is becoming so popular. Ariana and her mother Stacia have a desire to complete your look as hip and trendy as possible. They dedicate their time in finding the hottest trends of each season—color coordinating with Hollywood’s seasons is vital for staying trendy.

With "Rising Star Razzberry," you'll feel like Barbie!

Adriana Davalos: What inspired you to create your own nail lacquer Line?

Ariana Pierce: Really it was the love of fashion, beautiful colors and all things girly and fun. I actually wanted to start my own clothing line. Instead, I decided to design nail lacquer that would match couture clothing. I thought it would be cool to create a couture accessory for your hands. It's a fun and inexpensive way for anyone to stay updated on the latest trends. Besides, it's time we create products with over-the-top glamour that are accessible to everyone.

AD: How do you incorporate Hollywood into your line?

AP: Many of our hottest colors are fashionably named after Hollywood life like Golden Globes, Paparazzi Pink, Starlet Red, or Socialite Pink. Our presence at celebrity parties, and other Hollywood events is starting to make us a favorite among celebrity sets. I also love reality TV shows. Sometimes as I'm working on a new collection I get so excited I create a whole story line along with the color. I imagine the women on the show—who they are and what they would wear in and out of character. So whether it's our lacquer names, our presence in Hollywood or the development of our colors for characters, Hollywood is incorporated throughout our whole line.

AD: What color(s) would you recommend for women who are into a natural, soft look rather than bright, and bold look for their nails?

AP: We have a wonderful color called French Fashionista that is very soft and beautiful.  It adds a hint of blush with a pinch of gloss and glamour to your nails. I have also found that many of our clients who enjoy natural beauty overall love our Posh Plum. Though it is a deeper color, it is complimentary on every skin tone and it gives your hands a subtle, yet well-groomed look.
AD: What colors are the fashion trend for spring 2009 and how do you go about finding what colors are the "in colors" at the moment?

AP: Whether it's pale neutrals or ultra bold colors Spring 2009 has a little something for everyone. Pinks that are popping are going to be hugely popular. We have a really pretty palette of pink that fits the bill, including My Stylist Loves Pink, Fully-Booked Fuchsia and Rising Star Razzberry. Our Orangu An A-Lister is already getting rave reviews from trendsetters everywhere. Purples, Blue and other brilliant jewel tones will be seen a lot as well.

The quest to find the "in" colors begins with a lot of research. Every collection created came from our close watch on fashion week shows for the upcoming season. In addition, we look at all the fashion magazines. Every month my mother and I read at least 25 fashion publications from glossies, to industry magazines and runway reports from around the globe. So the "in colors" from our line are consistent with what's "in" through out the fashion industry.

AD: What was the best thing about having your own nail line?

AP: It has always been my dream to be successful in business! I actually really love Superstar Nail Lacquer's creative process-it's amazing! I also find it very rewarding to see the company grow and become popular. Creating the nail colors and managing my online boutique is really cool.  It's the new way to do business. You can connect with people all over the world. Even if I'm in my room, can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The best part about owning this line is working with my mom. She is the founder of Superstar Nail Lacquer and she has taught me everything that I know. It's really cool to be able to do what you love with the people you love!

"I'm obsessed with Gucci Green!" Jo De La Rosa

It is clear to see why these colors are so unique and noticeable, Ariana and her mother Stacia are dedicated to giving their clients the best in quality and the trendiest colors of the season. Superstar Nail Lacquer is the best new couture accessory for your hands out in Hollywood today. Celebrities are wearing it and so can you! I am a Superstar Nail Lacquer fanatic now; once you brush on your first coat you will be hooked!

With a price point of $8.50, anyone can enjoy the luxurious line. Visit and feel like a superstar with Superstar Nail Lacquer, “Haute Couture For Your Hands!”

For more info on Superstar Nail Lacquer visit

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