SmashBox Color Correcting Foundation Primer: Provides You with a Picture-Perfect Finish

SmashBox Cosmetics blows the lid off traditional makeup techniques with their revolutionary new Photo Finish Color Correcting foundation primer. Whether it's a special event for which you want to look especially flawless, or a long day in front of the camera, SmashBox has you covered. After all, beginning with the right base can preclude airbrushing later. 

Taking into account the color correcting involved with constructing the perfect image, SmashBox Cosmetics has developed a similar process for your skin. To prepare for print or the screen, or one special night that demands you look your best, fill in the fine lines on your face with Photo Finish Color Correcting base. It's a mouthful to say, but a savior around the mouth, where fine lines can be prominent. With its color correcting properties that help even out your skin tone, soon you have a pure canvas on which to perform the art of makeup application.

The trio comes in a handy snap case.

With three specialized colors designed to eliminate various small flaws, you can rest assured in the vivacity of your own natural glow brought to new levels. The lavender shade works best on skin with a natural yellow tone, such as summer and winter complexions. The apricot shade conceals under eye circles, veins, dark spots and sun damage, while the green shade lessens rosacea and blotchy skin. And ingredients like soybean oil, lemongrass, vitamin E, and orchid complex (a signature SmashBox ingredient) refine and rejuvenate to boot, making this foundation primer the ultimate problem-solver for anyone's skin.

The lightweight formula goes on smoothly and leaves your face feeling light and fresh. When applied onto clean skin before your usual foundation, the durability of your foundation will be increased during a long day. Not to mention, you'll never have to deal with clogged, messy lids, or squeeze bottles that wastefully squirt out more than you need. The easy applicator pump with the small aperture ensures this product should last you awhile.

In case you haven't yet heard of SmashBox Cosmetics, perhaps you've heard of makeup legend Max Factor. His entrepreneurial great-grandsons Dean and Davis Factor combined celebrity and fashion photography know-how with top-notch business and marketing skills to create SmashBox Photo Studios Los Angeles. Covers of every imaginable magazine are shot at Smashbox Photo Studios, and  SmashBox Cosmetics earns a quite a following, including Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Cher, Carmen Electra, Courtney Cox and Charlize Theron.

SmashBox Cosmetics, developed at SmashBox Photo Studios Los Angeles, are available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale's, Henri Bendel and

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