Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon- A little escape from reality


Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon

Tucked away in the heart of Beverly Hills you will find the Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon. A relaxing and quiet sanctuary in a town always busy wheeling and dealing.

I walk in and am immediately greeted with a warm smile by Merle Celine-Muller, owner and highly regarded Aesthetician who performs every facial herself. Merle escorts me through the salon, which has a very friendly, casual and down-to-earth feeling. Here you will get the kind of personal attention that is sometimes lacking with the hustle and bustle atmosphere that is typically found at other spas.  We walk into the facial room, filled with calming music and soft dimmed lighting. After changing into the cotton robe Merle provides for me, I'm ready for my facial.

Merle Celine-Muller

Merle starts by putting hot moisturizing mittens on my hands. While a stream of steam toward my face is softening the skin and preparing the pores for extractions, she uses Simply Porceline Gentle Chamomile Cleansing Milk to clean my face- or Simly Porceline Refreshing Citrus Cleansing Gel if you have oily or combination skin. She then uses a massage cream and gives a d飯lleté ¡nd facial massage, waiting for the steam to work its magic. When my face is ?ready?, she starts the extraction process which is thorough. Merle assures every pore is cleaned properly yet gently. The extractions are followed by a light herbal enzyme peel and then a moisturizing serum is applied to my dry skin- a calming serum is applied to oily or sensitive skin. A gauze sheet is placed over the face and using a brush, a rubber mask (a mixture of clay and gel that turns into ?rubber?) is applied over the face atop the gauze. The rubber mask forces moisture from the serum into the skin, re-hydrating the cells. The mask is left on for 15-20 minutes, and then gently removed. Simply Porceline Hydra-Mist Toner is applied, followed by Simply Porceline Retinol Revitalizing Eye Contour Treatment; finally the appropriate day cream is used dependent on the skin type. Simply Porceline Advanced Anti-Oxidant Hydra Day Cream SPF 15 for dry or sensitive skin or Simply Porceline Advanced Anti-Oxidant Oil- Free Lotion SPF 15 for oily or combination skin is applied.

After the hour and half long treatment I feel like a new person. I do however expect to leave with a bright red face from the very thorough extractions, but to my pleasant surprise, all that is smiling back at me in the mirror, is an extremely clean face with a glowing complexion. I find out that it is one of the things Merle prides herself with; you will never leave The Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon blotchy and red all over, perfect for those of you who wants to sneak away on your lunch-hour, or in need for a facial before an event.


Simply Porceline Skin Care

The Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon is the first clinic to exclusively use Simply Porceline Skin Care products. Merle Celine-Muller, through her many years of experience understands the detailed needs and preferences of her clients, with regard to their skin care. Having realized that many of the lines in her salon were becoming extremely large, complicated and costly to her clientele, she saw the need for simplicity. With her knowledge and experience, paying particular attention to ingredient technology and working very closely with experienced chemists, she began the development of Simply Porceline. The results achieved are a technologically superior yet simple skin care product line. Formulated with high quality botanical extracts and natural derivatives, the products are straightforward, exceptionally beneficial and efficient in performance, while remaining fairly priced.

Merle Celine-Muller

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Merle Celine-Muller began her career in beauty over 20 years ago. While studying at The Witwatersrand Technikon, she completed a three year intensive study in Beauty Technology. Classes included all aspects of beauty, but focused specifically on facial and body treatments, skin, nails, chemistry and biology. Upon completing her studies, Merle accepted an aesthetician position at The Sandton Sun Hotel Spa. She was then promoted to manager of the spa and remained in that position for 3 years. Although satisfying, she felt an itch and decided to move to the U.S. She settled in Los Angeles and worked at the GiovannaJutta spa for five years, before venturing out to start her own skin care salon.

Services at The Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon include a cleansing facial, an exfoliating herbal enzyme facial and a moisturizing paraffin wax facial. Manicures, pedicures, eyebrow shaping, lash tinting, waxing, electrolysis and body massages including Swedish, deep tissue and a relaxing hot stone therapy massage.

Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 9AM-6PM, Friday-Saturday 9AM-5PM
The Simply Porceline Skin Care Salon is located at 372 S. Maple Drive in Beverly Hills. Simply Porceline skin care products are available by calling 866PCELINE, or by visiting






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