Rykä - Designed to Fit Women For Fitness

Rykä, the frontrunner when it comes to designing fitness products specifically for women, has teamed up with Kelly Ripa in developing a great new line of workout shoes that will optimize your workout while keeping you in comfort at the same time.

Rykä athletic footwear has been specifically designed to fit the unique biomechanics of women and it all starts with the design coming from women, who would know the female foot any better. Rykä has been designing shoes for twenty years and has really mastered the art of creating the perfect fit for the female athlete focusing on the fact that women tend to have a narrower heel while having a wider forefoot. You are going to find the special design is going to give you a more comfortable fit and the design will also increase your athletic performance. From the moment you put on a Rykä shoe, you will feel the difference.

Bella White Sport Fusion Shoe

Rykä offers you shoes for any type of activity you are looking to get involved with, these include; running, walking, studio, aqua, cross training and sports fusion. The website is also a great source to find out more about your foot so that you can make sure you are getting the proper shoe and size. In addition to shoes, Rykä also offers a wide line of apparel, including an assortment of tops, shorts and pants. They really are a one-stop experience when it comes to taking care of your workout needs.

Rykä Spokesperson Kelly Ripa

 “Women are willing to sacrifice for fashion, but they shouldn’t have to sacrifice for fitness.  My collection will continue the Rykä tradition while incorporating stylish designs, technical performance details and comfort; three essential ingredients for active women everywhere,” Ripa said.

For more information on Rykä and to order shoes and apparel, visit: www.ryka.com.

Kelly Pursuit Shoe

The website also has a store finder, so if you don’t want to order online you can find one of the many locations that carry Rykä products. If you visit the Rykä website, makes sure to join the Rykä Fit Club. This will give you special offers that you would not be able to get anywhere else and they else send out periodic mailings that give you even more deals.

Right now is a great time to give Rykä a try as they are currently offering an online special that will give you a free pair of shorts with the purchase of any pair of running shoes.

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