Rolfing Your Body Back to Wellness


Rolfing re-aligns and re-balances the body.

For months I had been beset with aches and pains all across my lower back and shoulders. The muscles around my neck were so tight they gripped forcibly resulting in a throbbing pain that at times, I took to be untreatable.

And I had tried it all, chiropractors, massage and more. The pains remained and so did the constant grip that I felt tearing across my neck.

But then I awoke one day and decided enough was enough.

I had the good fortune of coming across a testimonial by a friend of mine, the self-proclaimed certified health nut himself Troy Casey of Amazon Herbs. I happened to be surfing online one day and Troy's comments on his recent bodywork treatments caught my eye. He extolled the virtues of Corey’s Rolfing techniques and the benefits he was receiving with the tightness in his shoulder and neck region. I knew that Troy had experienced numerous kinds of physical therapies, so I was curious to learn more.

Corey's unusually calm manner is integral to his high success rate as a bodyworker

The Rolf method of structural integration re-aligns and re-balances the body by lengthening and repositioning the connective tissue called fascia. As fascia is lengthened adhesions and holding patterns are released and muscles and joints can begin to move more freely and efficiently. Once aligned the body can return to its structurally optimal position, free from tension and pain and with a new found energy and fluid movement.

I contacted Corey and very quickly set up an appointment the following week. Based in the hills of Ventura that was at least an hour away, Corey offered to travel directly to me in Marina del Rey , CA. Part of his services include the option of coming directly to his client’s homes for treatments. Given that a number of his clientele are A-list celebrities, the anonymity this option provides is well received and appreciated.

It takes just a few minutes to set up his mobile treatment room

On the day of the treatment itself, Corey arrived in his Structural Integration Van and lugged in his tools. A massage table, a styrofoam block of sorts to manouevre my muscles. I had heard so much about Corey’s work that by now I was both curious and excited to begin the treatment.

True to the word on the street, Corey demonstrated that he was the exemplar of what a healer/body worker should be. His unusually calm energy and agreeable nature immediately put me at ease and allowed me to really sink deep into a blissful reverie during the treatment. I believe this was key to achieving the results that I did.

Corey's mobile services means that he can set up your session in the privacy of your own home

Corey began with craniosacral therapy which is a very subtle yet deep process. As Corey informed me ‘ Although it is a gently therapy, CranioSacral work can facilitate profoundly deep release on physical, emotional and even spiritual levels. The basic principle of CranioSacral therapy is to honor the client as they are in the moment and trust that the return of balance to the CranioSacral flow will create a holistic and synergistic healing. Rather than to attempt to "fix" problems, CranioSacral Therapy allows space for issues to simply be and have room to reorganize and shift naturally.’

Imagine the luxury of waking up one morning and having a rolf session in your own bedroom

He began performing a number of gentle holds that somehow led me into further and deeper into relaxation. I had never experienced it before so it was quite remarkable how such a deceptively gentle process could have such an effect.

The light intonations of Corey’s soothing voice then guided me to the next stage of the treatment where he would address the source of my pain. My entire shoulder was frozen and convulsed in an awkward position. It may not have been apparent to anyone else but I was acutely aware of this imbalance and discomfort. Plus I didn’t have full control of my right shoulder as I did my left.

Working his magic

Corey began to educate me on the correct use of the muscles in the region. He told me that my shoulder had probably reacted because of a trauma concentrated in the region and since then had learned to function in a manner that was actually detrimental to its movement. He had to teach me all over again with a few basic exercises how to correctly move and use my shoulder.

I started to feel a sense of relief in the region as Corey restructured my muscles and showed me how to move my arm. The movements were basic and gentle. I did feel a pulling of my trapezius and deltoid muscles that did cause a fair amount pain, but all in all I considered it a very gentle process. I suspect that Corey’s calm demeanor and sensitive technique was what transformed a treatment that could have been painful into an experience that was quite pleasurable. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Realigning the muscles around the spine

Because my shoulder was so deeply entrenched in its position, Corey suggested a few more treatments to realign the area. He also gave me some homework, that I was actually eager to do because by this stage I was ready to heal my shoulder completely, whatever it took ! So I was instructed to keep performing the basic exercises that he had taught me and to perform then often during the day.

After the treatment Corey gave me a pack of his bath salts. They were a special concoction that he had created that was integral in drawing out the many toxins that each treatment releases. I was also supplied with a high dose of Vitamin C from his Amazon line. This would allow my body to be at its optimum during this continued detoxification . Quite a thorough approach !

Corey's daily regimen includes an ancient Eastern meditation in the wee hours of the morning

I asked Corey about how he had developed such a subtle yet powerful way of being. He revealed that his daily regimen is key to his abilities as a healer. He wakes up at 5 am every single day and head to the beach for his morning meditation. He is versed in an ancient meditative technique that allows him to cultivate his energies and developing his qi or lifeforce. This regular morning ritual allows him to clear the imbalances in his consciousness as he sets the intention for his day.

Interestingly, all his clients are brought to him by referral only. He doesn’t advertise but has a steady stream of people coming to him. The word has travelled through the grapevine of his skill at redesigning the body. After 3 treatments, not only was I experiencing a relief in pain, my right shoulder blade had actually dropped to match my left. I am also constantly aware of the correct movements of my shoulder and I find myself catching and realigning myself on a regular basis.

Taking you back into a state of Zen

I informed Corey of my new behavior, expressing my surprise that I had become so much more aware of the way I carried my body.  He beamed, lighting up upon hearing this update. He shared that this was exactly what he had been hoping for. “My goal is to enter the subconscious of my clients so that even when I am not physically working with them, I am continually at service and always performing healing at some level.”

For more information please contact Corey Buck, Structural Integration Therapist at 805-200-7282.

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