Primrose Organics Salon - The Way Hair was Meant to be Treated

Looking to change the hair care world one customer at a time, Primrose Organics Salon co-owners Felicia Howe and Melissa Tornay created a setting that introduces their customers to a healthier hair care lifestyle, while providing you a little more love and care for you hair than you will get at your everyday salon.

Felicia doing an organic coloring

Primrose is more than just a business for Felicia and Melissa; it is a passion and lifestyle that manifested itself into this adorable boutique salon in Los Angeles. It is amazing as you walk in the front door it is almost as if you are walking into a new world full of energy and life, you really get the sense you are not just a customer walking into a business but that you are walking into a friends house.

Melissa and Felicia

The consumption of organic food has become very mainstream in the past few years but one aspect of product consumption in the United States is what goes on your skin and hair as well as in your stomach. Felicia points out that at least when you digest food the body has the liver and the digestive system to help filter out what you eat, but with shampoo, hair coloring, moisturizers and anything else applied to your body it goes directly in the skin. All of those words that you can’t pronounce on labels, well that is what is going into your pores, a frightening thought.

“It’s obvious ammonia is a terrible substance for hair, a toxic substance in coloring, what the ammonia does is it changes the ph level of the hair by opening the cuticles and it can assist by depositing the color into the hair, but ammonia is impossible to ph balance it out and after the color fades it starts to dry out,” Felicia said. “The Organic Color Systems line uses coconut acid and that is what is able to change the ph level of the hair and deposit the color, because you need something to chemically change the hair. This is the safest available product and it’s the first certified organic color line in the UK and their restrictions are very tough, we’ve had great results with it, the color system allows the ph levels to be restored completely so the color lasts longer.”

Coloring hair is very common and it might be to give yourself a new look, whether it is short-term or long-term, you might want to hide some grey hair and that goes for you men as well. If you have done this yourself or had it done in a salon the lasting memory more than the color that you leave with is the smell. That strong almost toxic smell that fills the air is one that will stay with you and do you really want that soaking into your scalp? It certainly wouldn’t be my first option, but the first thing I noticed about Primrose was that there was no scent, not when you walked in and not when you were getting your hair colored, quite a nice change from most salon settings that make you want to put a mask over your face.

Organic hair care

It is not all about hair coloring at Primrose, they can handle all of your hair needs including: a hair cut, trim, styling, conditioning treatment, highlights and they also do waxing as well as skin and nail care. Don’t just come in for a service, Primrose has a great selection of healthy hair and skin products as well as nail polish and if you  are not sure what you are looking for Melissa is like an encyclopedia when it comes to products and I would say she can take care of any question you might have.

“A challenge for us is finding the best products out there so that the clients can go home with a product that is easy to use,” Melissa said. “We are always trying to find products that are not only easy to use but they are salon quality, we don’t carry any product that we don’t try out on ourselves.”

One day the approach to hair that Primrose takes will hopefully be used by all hair salons, but until they do, I would say turn your hair and body onto an organic lifestyle and give Felicia and Melissa a visit. After your first experience you will leave Primrose knowing that you had your hair colored solely based on the color and not that horrible smell or burning sensation that used to linger on your scalp, your hair will thank you.

Located in Los Angeles, you can make an appointment by calling (323) 664-5446

For more information visit Primrose Organics Salon and Boutique

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