Prevent the Pain Therapy Review: Miracles by The Brooklyn Healer

After an amazing mini-healing session with Vivian Eisenstadt, Physical Therapist and Energy Healer, at the “I AM” Holistic Empowering Healing Cooking Workshop, I was drawn to visit her wellness center in Los Angeles, Prevent the Pain Therapy, for a full treatment.

Prevent the Pain Therapy - Vivian Eisenstadt, M.A.P.T., O.C.S.

With a master’s degree in Physical Therapy, a national certification from the Board of Orthopedic Specialists and extensive training as a physical and sports therapist, Vivian has been devoted to the mind-body wellness practice for over 20 years.  Vivian founded Prevent the Pain Therapy after overcoming her own battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through holistic, alternative and preventative therapy in combination with traditional medicine.  Armed with the latest therapeutic methods, Vivian is able to spare her clients from grueling drugs and surgeries.  Her emphasis is on the mind-body connection and educating the client so that they may be empowered to avoid future injuries and maintain body alignment. 

Prevent the Pain Therapy - Manual Therapy

Not only is she a dedicated professional, but her passion for helping others shines through her dynamic presence and positive nature.  I instantly felt like I was receiving some advice from my best girlfriend, rather than visiting a medical facility.  Prevent the Pain Therapy has a host of success stories from patients who had otherwise lost hope in their quest for ailment, injury and pain relief through other treatments.  Vivian’s vibrant personality and intimate facility allows for a more one-on-one approach with her clients, resulting in more effective diagnosis and treatment.  A treatment at PTPT equals four times the treatment of other facilities as Vivian (known in the community as “The Brooklyn Healer”) cuts through the nonsense and goes straight for the jugular in her mind-body analysis of your condition.  She is equipped to address acute and chronic pain, spinal back and neck injuries, migraine headaches, arthritis, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sports injuries, overuse injuries, sprains, strains and tears, joint and muscle pain and vertigo.  Her services include physical therapy, sports training, Pilates training, massage therapy, radiant energy healing, detoxification therapy, whole body vibration therapy, and the special treatment of all chronic pain conditions.

Prevent the Pain Therapy - Radiant Energy Healing

My personal experience at PTPT involved a combination of traditional and alternative treatments.  Vivian began with a posture analysis, pinpointing areas where I carry my mental stresses and therefore cause my body pain.  “Stick your butt out!  Sit up straight!” resonates through my head in Vivian’s tough Brooklyn accent.  She then performed an alignment to get my twisted joints in order.  As she cracked jokes, I was too distracted to realize that she was cracking my bones.  After experiencing such a relief in pressure, Vivian had my full trust when she decided to hook me up to electric stimulation to jolt the tight areas to get them moving (I would have normally said “No way Jose!”); it was invigorating as well as soothing.  To loosen my body up the rest of the way, I was treated to a massage by one of PTPT’s therapists specially trained by Vivian in her tecnique.  I melted into the table as all the knots were worked out of my high-stress areas.  Other massage therapies offered to restore movement and overall well being include shiatsu, deep tissue and trigger point work.

Prevent the Pain Therapy - Posture Analysis

After entering a state of serenity and relaxation, I was introduced to the whole body vibration therapy.  The Turbosonic Vibration System was originally developed for the Russian Cosmonauts in space to maintain muscles and bone mass, and it was further developed by the Qigong masters in Korea to improve “Chi” (vibrational energy).  I stood on a piece of equipment that I would liken to a large scale, and the platform upon which I stood vibrated at different speeds and levels for ten minutes.  While I merely held onto the bar in front of me, my body experienced quite the workout.  Regular use has been proven to provide mechanical, systemic aesthetic, metal/emotional and cellular results.

Prevent the Pain Therapy - Mechanical Traction

After loosening up all the toxins in my body, my session at PTPT ended in a Body Cleanse Ionic Foot Bath.  After several minutes in the foot bath, my water took on an orange color indicating a release of toxins from the joints.  The color of the water may indicate anything from liver, tobacco and cellular debris to heavy metals.  By releasing waste that has bonded to your cells over the years, your organs will naturally function better and you will lose body fat that your body no longer needs to protect your organs from such toxins.  In her own personal experience with overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vivian said that the foot bath “took out the garbage,” leaving her body stronger, healthier and with a higher tolerance for her day on every plane—physically, mentally and emotionally.  Other patients have experienced improved sleep, relief from arthritis, increased energy, disappearance of acne, weight loss, increased focus and more.

After getting all loopy with my full-body detoxification, I had the pleasure of sitting in on Vivian’s web show.  A true humanitarian, she shares her wealth of knowledge with the masses on preventing the pain topped with a dose of Brooklyn humor.

Prevent the Pain Therapy - Facility

PTPT accepts most PPO insurance.  For more information, please visit

Vivian Eisenstadt, M.A.P.T.
Orthopedic Certified Specialist and Owner of PTPT
8818 Saturn Street, Los Angeles, California  90035
(310) 623-4444

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