Pre Oscar Red Carpet 05 at the Pacific Design Center - with lots of 'SWAG'

It's quite a gala when you have Marc Anthony hair stylists and representatives from Stila Cosmetics and Z. Bigatti ready to beautify celebs and their significant others (as if they're not already beautiful enough) for the biggest event in Hollywood, the Oscars. The Pacific Design Center located on Melrose, is where many celebrities have been seen sampling new hair and facial products to get that red carpet look in the days following the Academy Awards.

Getting a manicure done using 'china glaze'

Providing pampering services to Hollywood's best, Stylist Producer Ryan Black presented this year's Red Carpet 05, event in order to showcase the products of talented designers and stylists from around the world. Although there has been pre Oscars events similar in the past, this is the first time that Black has taken on the challenge to bring this event to the Pacific Design Center.

Evian and some wonderful beauty products

It's a big responsibility when you have orchids being delivered daily, last minute appointments being made, and the constant requests of complimentary products. Yet every stylist, artist and designer did their best to make every star and reporter for that matter, feel like they were the center of the universe.

Jesse Metcalf enjoying some great Evian water

Evian Salon, a huge sponsor for the event displayed more than just their refreshing water, but also sponsored tasty refreshments. Compartes of California provided an assortment of almost every chocolate truffle ever invented including fruit and coffee flavored fillings. Even weight contentious stars could not resist the out of this world chocolates, that can even be ordered on-line at Compartes gourmet confections were deliciously accompanied by Carpe Diem an herbal remedy that strengthens the immune system and speeds the metabolism. Not only is it healthy, it is also rich in fermented fruit and sweetened tea flavors that are available at Whole Foods.

Sparkle and John "Spiderman" Salley

Stars not only appeased their interior desires, but had their exterior needs tended to as well. Starting from the face up and working the way down, Z. Bigatti offered facials that sent the stars straight to the heavens. They allowed celebs to sample their new facial mask that hasn't even been released in the United States. It is still being perfected in Japan but is soon to be released. The treatment is so refreshing that one can literally feel the weight being lifted off one's face by the burning of their pores. 

Crown Royal another one of the fabulous sponsors

Manicurists polished the stars with brand new colors from China Glaze. From soft, Aqua Baby  to the bold, Edgy Copper, these shades contained patent leather that allows the glossy shine to last longer than other polishes. Not only did this line offer cuticle strengthening techniques but it also provided nails with a new shiny gloss that only needs to be applied once. Forget the old ways of constantly reapplying that top coat!

Havianas Sandals, flops the stars are flippin for

Stylist Marc Anthony (not to get confused with JLo's Latin artist hubby) and his entourage of hair stylists from his native Toronto showcased his new products by providing stars with that red carpet shine. Anthony is well-known for his hair care products that strengthen whatever quality people want to show through in their hair. He has products that allow blondes to bring out their blonde, girls with curls to bring out their curls and of course a straightening product to help straighten that wave that a lot of us aim to tame.

Marc Anthony Hair Products

[Marc Anthony] is the kind of stylist that finds a way to come out with products that people want that hasn't been created effectively,says an Anthony stylist from Toronto. His latest product, Moisture Gloss, is a color extender that allows any hair's color to be prolonged. The product contains a refined silicone that penetrates the hair by wrapping a silk barrier around the cortex of each strand. Unlike other glossy hair products, Moisture Gloss leaves the hair feeling weightless and non greasy. Not only does it preserve the hair's natural or died highlights it can also be applied after a shower as an anti-frizz solution.

Although Marc Anthony products have been widely distributed in Canada for the past five years, he has just this year released his products in the United States this year. Not only does Anthony strive to make the average person have the look they desire, he also strives to create the perfect product that the average person can afford. He made sure that his products could be sold at local drugstores such as Longs, Walgreens and Savon, so that fans of his product didn't have to search through every salon just to find his product.

Sparkle sportin the Fur

Unlike most who walk down the red carpet, those who attended Red Carpet 05? were able to walk away in comfortable footwear. Marketers from Havaianas distributed their trademark sandals. While most sandals are made from plastic, Havaianas are produced from a Brazilian rubber formulation that contains a secret ingredient that allows the surface of the sandal to be extra soft and cushy. The sandals can be worn all day without leaving blisters or marks that often accumulate after a long day's wear. Not only are they unbelievably comfortable, they are also very trendy as they are available in all colors. It's possible to even mix and match the straps. For example you can have pink sandals with a white strap or white sandals with a pink strap. The advantage of picking up a pair of Havaianas at Red Carpet 05, is that each sandal either contained an acrylic Brazilian emblem or a shiny Savorski crystal. It was a complimentary touch that Havaianas decided to add exclusively for Red Carpet 05, Since summer is around the corner and you need a pair of sandals to go with that sexy swimsuit you?ve been longing to buy, visit havaianas at
Meltin' Pot is a new fashion line from Italy most known for their stylish jeans. Stars like, One Tree Hill's, Bethany Joy Lenz lined up to get a pair after trying it on. "Who can resist comfy jeans," she stated. And she couldn't be farther from the truth. Meltin' Pot uses a loose stretchy fabric that not only accentuates the JLo features in all of us, but also not feel as confining as most designer jeans. They have released a Spring line that includes a variety of bright blues, oranges and yellows. For more information on how to order the latest Italian fashions, visit Meltin' Pot on-line at

Pre Oscar pampering would not be complete unless there were pre-oscar celebrations to attend which is why the Pacific Design Center hosted nightly parties the week of the Oscars. Crown Royal provided a barbershop that cut hair during the day and sampled the delicious taste of Crown Royal at night. Their custom tailored experience not only allows guests to enjoy Crown Royal martinis, but also is designed to bring urban American perspectives to life. Their VIP reception featured celebrities like former Laker star John Salley, Reverend Al Sharpton and a host of up and coming urban stars.

Another Pre-Oscar night featured stars that had recently posed for Elle magazine, at an Elle Girl release party. On its first cover posed a hot Christina Ricci and also featured the latest fashions also displayed by the evening's guests, many of who were dressed all out in fur.

The success of Pre-Oscar events was a nice start to an emotional Oscar event so powerful it even moved Jamie Foxx to tears. It's amazing how a compilation of forces can produce an unforgettable evening that will go down in AMC history as a night to be remembered forever!

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