Ojon® Review - The Secret to Beautiful Hair

Most hair products are cooked up in a lab, but Ojon® came from as far away from a lab as you could imagine. If there was ever a name to give you a sense of how good it is, Ojon® is it. Ojon® oil has been used for hundreds of years by the Miskito Indians, who are referred to in their native language as Tawira, which translates to “the people of beautiful hair™” That says it all.

Denis Simioni looking for the secret of Ojon oil

Denis Simioni was given a small jar of oil that a friend had purchased from a Central American Indian. It took him two years to figure out the amazing oil he had been given and that propelled him to find out where this oil originated from. He eventually found the Tawira people and discovered that they wear Ojon® oil in their hair all day and use it as a body moisturizer. They taught Simioni all the steps that go into processing the Ojon® nuts as well as extracting the oil, which is done entirely by hand. Simioni developed a corporate partnership with 895 indigenous families to produce Ojon® products and he keeps the product in its natural form, which gives you the most dynamic hair product on the market today.

Ojon® has a long list of products to help your hair, but of you course you have begin in the shower and the Ojon® Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are the two best products you can use to start your day. You will find by adding Ojon® to your daily routine, your hair will start becoming healthier, your hair will become hydrated and this will lead to you having shiny and silky hair. You will also notice that a little Ojon® goes a long way and this is because Ojon® products contain no silicon and no water.

Old House in Honduras


House refurbished with help from Ojon

If you think your hair is beyond repair, dry, dull, unmanageable, the Ojon® Restorative Hair Treatment will quickly change your opinion. This hair treatment contains the highest concentration of Ojon® oil of any product and what that does for you is it hydrates and improves the condition of your hair. If you are the type that goes to the salon in hopes of quick fix, save a lot of time as well as some money as you are going to find a vast improvement after just one treatment and you can leave in overnight to take the process a step further.

Ojon Hair Tamer

Ojon® is always working on new products and they have a number of new additions that they have recently added to its product line. The Tunu Elastik Hair Tamer is a must-have for anyone with frizzy and untamed hair. This product seals the hair cuticle, working to keep tresses smooth and sleek. No matter how out of control your hair is, this will tame that hair and give you a great manageable look. Ojon® also recently added the Batana Collection. Featured in this line is the Batana Body Cream which is infused with Batana and Buriti oil. This combination has shown to replenish skin's hydration by 51% and this lasts up to 24 hours from a single use. The best part of the body cream very well could be the scent, it gives you a tropical and nature aroma that is very alluring. The Batana Shower Gel not only naturally cleans your body, but it also leaves it soft and silky.

Ojon® has a wide assortment of products and whether you use one or all of them you can be sure that you are using a product that not only is going to do what it says, but it is going to do it in a safe way that your body and hair will appreciate.

For more information on Ojon®, visit: www.ojon.com
Ojon® products are also available at; Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal, Ulta and they are also featured on QVC. QVC is a great place to try and find Ojon®, as they often have amazing deals that you won't find anywhere else and they also have the latest Ojon® products and some of these also are items you will only be able to purchase on QVC.

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