OPI Celebrates It's "Hong Kong Collection" - With High Tea At the Peninsula

The Hong Kong Collection

We were invited to High Tea at the elegant Peninsula Hotel to celebrate the O.P.I. Nail Lacquer Company’s “ Hong Kong Collection.” Not only a spectacular lunch but manicures too! Who could turn down that invitation?

O.P.I. President and CEO, George Schaeffer says: “Don’t just change your look, change your outlook!” He is a very charming man who is an unlikely owner of a nail lacquer company.  

O.P.I. President and CEO, George Schaeffer and his daughter Nicole who also works for O.P.I.

Suzi Weiss Fishman decides on the colors based on a theme that is decided upon by a team. She also takes into account the fashion forecast for the coming year. Each collection is inspired by a different geographical location. She gets her inspiration from looking at interesting fabrics & colors, and will sometimes go to the country of the theme by seeing the sights and great designs, boats in the harbor, etc. since all of the collections are named after cities around the world. She has individually picked 2000 colors. 

High Tea Scones, Sandwiches and pastries!

Judy Stonefield, Head of Marketing showing off Her Nails Painted with a Hong Kong Collection Color

After she decides on the colors, the team decides on the names. O.P.I.. is known for the fun titles on each of their colors. I was fortunate to be seated next to Judy Stonefield, head of marketing, who gave me the scoop on how the cool O.P.I. name thing happens. She has a team that decides on the theme and name of each new collection. In 2 or 3 hours they decide on names. If there is a great phrase they try to make it fit. Sometimes the list has as many as 500 names. George sits in for the meeting and goes through every name. A couple of the names for the new collection are”

Manicures for the guests with the Hong Kong Collection

“Jade is the New Black,” “A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find.”

Gift Bags

Last years sales were up at the Ice Show in Long Beach for most companies 10-20%. For O.P.I. the sales were up 38%. This is their 3rd decade in nail lacquer and 50 million bottles were sold in 300 countries worldwide.

Harris Shepherd PR does PR for the O.P.I. Company.





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