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Twenty-plus concussions, you don’t need much more of an incentive than that to want to learn about the brain and how to make sure your brain functions at a high-level for the rest of your life. That is the battle former NFL pro-bowl linebacker Bill Romanowski had in front of him. Romonowski won that battle with his development of Neuro1™ and Sleep1™ supplements.

“There was a time when I felt punch drunk, I don’t have that feeling anymore,” Romanowski said. “It was a very scary time for me, but I feel like I got my life back.”

Now you might not have had to endure the damage that a 17-year NFL career can cause the brain, but that doesn’t mean that Neuro1™ will not benefit you. The ingredients in Neuro1™ have the ability to help people with a variety of challenges, including attention deficit disorder, dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as depression. If you just want to perform better at life, Neuro1™ can help you manage stress and stay more focused. You will be sharper in your everyday activities.

Three years of research with some of the top scientists in the world who work with the brain, followed up by 500-800 trials, led to the development of Neuro1™. Now you might have heard of other products that are meant to help with the brain, but there really is no comparison. If you take, for example, the highly advertised Focus Factor™, that product has only 500 milligrams of active ingredients per serving, while Neuro1™ has ten times that, a total of 6 grams of active ingredients per serving.


In addition to helping you focus and helping the brain, Neuro1™ gives you an energy boost. If you make a price comparison of buying a Red Bull™ or a coffee at Starbucks™, the Neuro1™ is certainly on par in terms of cost. It will not only give you the energy burst you look for from these products, but it will give you a longer lasting all day energy. The Neuro1™ contains neuronutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, that will feed your body and mind.

The ability to let the brain make a connection with the body is what will give you an edge in whatever you do in life. The neuronutrients in Neuro1™ allow your neurotransmitters to send and receive messages quickly. It’s really like giving the brain its own special diet that drives peak mental and physical performance.


Sleep1™ does need a lot of explanation, the name says it all-it helps you rest. That is far too simple though.  The ingredients in Sleep1™ delivers the nutrients that will allow your body to get in a relaxed state and really prepare you for sleep. This will lead you to get what so few people get out of their sleep - the four R’s. The four R’s are; to rest, rejuvenate, repair and replenish, and that is what you are supposed to get out of a good night's sleep.  In this day and age of hectic schedules, stressed out lifestyles and just having too much on your mind, sometimes its hard to get to sleep, let alone get a good night sleep.

The amazing thing about Sleep1™ is that it is not something your body needs to get used to, it works from the first time you try it. As someone who has a difficult time falling asleep, as well as not getting restful sleep, Sleep1™ solved the problem. The first time I took this, I was asleep within 15 minutes and had the best night of sleep I have had in years and it has continued ever since. I wake up extremely refreshed. Sleep1™ clearly does what it says, and that is to allow you to fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night and allows your mind and body to be in a relaxed state. In addition to giving you a great night of sleep, Sleep1™ contains magnesium, which has been shown to relieve migraine headaches.

Bill Romanowski enjoying life after football

In addition to Neuro1 and Sleep1, Romanowski has developed Lean1 to complete your health needs. Lean1 is a lifestyle formula designed to give you the energy and fuel that a well-balanced meal delivers for when you don’t have the time to sit down and you need to grab something on the run, or to just help you get through the day. As with the entire line of products, Lean1 has a variety of flavors and each is going to give you a great taste that will keep you coming back. Lean1 also has 27 vitamins and minerals, which will help keep you healthy and allow you to get through your day.

“I really felt like this was my calling, a chance to really make an impact on the world,” Romonowski said. The quality of the product to go along with the commitment to create something special, clearly has lead to that impact being felt by anyone who uses either Neuro1™, Sleep1™ or Lean1™.

If you are looking for a great book and the details on on the career and life of Bill Romanowski as well as his desire to learn as much as could about nutrition and the human body, pick up a copy of  Romo: My Life on the Edge: Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons.

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