Nelson J Salon Review - Taking Your Hair Back To Natural

When you are lavished with awards and praise for your work, you know must be doing something right. The Nelson J Salon and its owner Nelson Chan have taken the idea of a hairstyle and salon and infused his clients hair with new ideas and hot trends that are producing amazing results.

Owner Nelson Chan

Nelson Chan has really tried to cultivate an experience that will not only leave your hair looking stunning, but it will also leave your hair healthy. Nelson is well known for his hair coloring as evidenced by the fact that he was just awarded “Best Ammonia-Free Hair coloring in Los Angeles” from Los Angeles Magazine. You might ask yourself why you should care about the type of hair coloring you are going to have done to your hair. There are a number of reasons and they are all important to your hair. First whatever chemical treatment you receive in most colorings, you have to realize that chemical is sitting right on your scalp and is absorbed into your skin. Not something you should want and if you are pregnant, there is no question that natural is the only way to go. It also helps you to avoid irritation on your scalp or if you already have an irritation on your scalp, this natural hair coloring will help address that problem. Finally this coloring will last about twenty-five percent longer than the normal hair coloring.

Hair coloring is what Nelson specializes in, but the Nelson J Salon goes much further than that. You can of course come in and get a hair cut and style by any of his fabulous staff, but two of the other favorites at the salon are the natural Brazilian hair treatment and another hot technique right now is hair straightening.

The Before


The Fabulous After Look

The natural Brazilian hair treatment is great for treating damaged hair. Not only will this provide the hair with a shinier look and will smooth out your hair, but it also contains Acai oil. The Acai oil, from the Amazon, contains vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber needed for optimal health and disease prevention. To take your health one step further, Nelson gives his clients some of his incredibly tasty Nelson J Acai Elixir, which blends 19 fruits, including the Acai berry.

The hair straightening is fantastic for controlling curly or frizzy hair and giving you more manageable hair. If you aren’t sure what you want, don’t worry, Nelson will take care of you. What he does is he talks to the client and they not only talk about hair, but lifestyle. Nelson considers this important because he feels that to give the client the best style, he needs to understand how long the individual has to do their hair in the morning, how long in between hair treatments they plan to go and what they intend to do with their hair not only tomorrow, but in a month.

The finishing touch

That is just another way that Nelson has done as he tries to take the time to think of every tiny detail when it comes to making sure his clients have a great experience at his salon. When you get your hair washed your head is supported and in a comfortable position. Nelson follows up with all of his clients to make sure everything went well when they came into the salon and he is constantly working with his staff to make sure that they have the best customer service around. Nelson also has a number of new additions to the salon that will coming in the near future and these will only enhance the experience. Don’t worry, although this salon has become a hot spot for celebrities, you will leave feeling that you were treated just as well as well any of the Hollywood starlets that might have been sitting in the same chair as you.

“Customer service is our most important goal,” Nelson stated. “We always want to make sure the customer has a great experience and that helps build our credibility with our clients.”

Why start your own salon when there is clearly a lot of competition in Southern California? Well, Nelson believes that when you work for someone else you are really limited by what that salon wants to do and being on his own he is allowed to go in the direction that he wants and clearly that works for him and for his clients.

In addition Nelson has developed his own line of hair products and you can purchase these all natural products at his salon or online. Be on the lookout for new products from Nelson as well, as he is always working to add new and amazing products to his line.

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting and you want to have the Beverly Hills salon treatment experience that you can take home with you, or if you want to become a regular client, the Nelson J Salon will treat you and your hair unlike any other salon around.

To make an appointment at the Nelson J Salon, call: (310) 274-1553

For more information on the Nelson J Salon, visit:

For more information on the Nelson J Salon line of products, visit:



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