My Blend - New Skincare Line Travels Cross Country to The Studio at Fred Segal


As the summer season draws toward a drawn-out conclusion, the sudden and sometimes drastic shifts in weather have undoubtedly left your skin confused, possibly irritated or lacking a shine.  On the other hand, however, perhaps you are generally of the sentiment that finding an ever-lasting or reliable skin care product is undeniably an impossibility; certain products only work for certain concerns or effective products, over time, lose their, well, effectiveness.  

I have recently come into contact with My Blend, a wonderfully unique and highly specific skincare product.  Created by Dr. Olivier Courtin- son of Clarins founder, Jacques Courtin- My Blend has only just found its way across the United States into its new home in Studio at Fred Segal.  Until two weeks ago, it was only offered at Sacs Fifth Avenue in New York City.  For those of you unfamiliar with Studio at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, read on.  Studio separates itself from the over-cluttered and overwhelming menagerie of skin care products bombarded together in the department store environment.  They seem more dedicated to the newest, most innovative and most successful product lines on the market.  Considering the unparalleled complexity of My Blend, I can’t imagine a better home. 

Having conversed with the My Blend team at Studio, I was given a thorough breakdown of both the history and theories of the skincare line.  The My Blend line seems to be built entirely on the theory of personalization.  Dr. Courtin, in working as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in women’s sports injuries, discovered the true diversity and uniqueness of each person’s skin type- skin profile, they call it.  The idea is that really no two skin types are identical and therefore, a broad categorization of skin into a few types (say normal, oily or sensitive) underestimates the complexity of our unique self.  

So this is all great and very interesting, but the more fascinating part is how the product line works.  You meet with a consultant at Studio to discuss your unique skin profile- are you dry, are you oily, do you tend to breakouts, are you concerned with aging, do you have skin discolorations?  Whatever the concern, you discuss it with a My Blend specialist.  Based on your discussion, they will recommend a basic blend.  My Blend offers eight basic blends, appropriately numbered, one through eight.  These eight blends range from lighter lotions to thicker creams and address all ages and all moisture types.  For example, I tend to remain a little oily and am easily irritated by scratching or the environmental changes.  I, therefore, was assigned the “02” blend.  This lotion is intended to lightly moisturize with a matte finish, while soothing any irritation.  

My Blend is the newest, most innovative and most successful skin care product line on the market.

After you choose your blend, you pick a boost.  The boosts are added to the blends via what looks like an injection needle.  My Blend gives you the appropriate measurements and even a wonderful little spatula for mixing.  Currently they offer five specific boosts that address secondary concerns.  These range from a general desire for a deeper glow to concerns about small facial scars or cuts.  Add the boost, mix and you have your very own unique product.  There are currently two hundred twenty-five possible combinations in the My Blend line.  Some other possibilities for creating a more personal skin care line exists in their eye creams and facials scrubs that compliment the overall treatment.  It really is like no other product in the way it offers a total experience in managing your skin needs.

Specialization aside, the product is quite remarkable.  I have been using the line now for a few days and have already seen a dramatic result; my specialist assured me I would see full results within two weeks.  I’ve read a bit more about the product over the last few days and have learned that the product aims to both improve intercellular communication between skin cells and boost skin defenses.  Some products even have caffeine from green coffee beans for concentrated delivery to the skin, an effect that elevates stimulation.  Regardless, my own blend seems to offer a very delicate balance of needs; I don’t feel oily, my skin is beginning to be a little less red and my face looks a bit healthier.

So head to Studio and check it out yourself.  It certainly is the first of its kind and would be well worth the trip.  

Prices are relatively competitive for high end skin care.

My Blend by Dr. Olivier Courtin

The Studio at Fred Segal
500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401



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