Master Colorist Roman Wadsworth Review – Creates Hair That’s “Of Fairytales”

Roman Wadsworth in front of the B2V Salon

Roman Wadsworth started his career in entertainment: singing and performing at a young age. He has sung with the likes of Pavarotti, Luther Vandross and Mary J. Blige . He was a professional backup singer, for major R &B and Dance Artists and then for Latin Artists when the Latin Explosion happened.  He had a friend who was a backup singer for Mariah Carey. Impressed with the talent and skills Roman demonstrated while helping to do the hair of other backup singers, this friend mentioned he thought that Roman should make a second career out of doing hair. The stars had the best people doing her hair but the back up singers had to fend for themselves.

“I was worried about doing something that I felt as passionate about as I did singing and that was creatively edifying for me and when doing hair was suggested to me it kind of clicked” he explains.

Then came the worry of having to go back to school. Roman found out that he loved it, taking his schooling much more seriously than he would have when he was younger. He loved how creative it was and that it incorporated subjects like chemistry, science and mathematics all the things he had loved when he was in school.

Roman splits his time between L.A. and Seattle, working out of the B2V Salon in L.A. and the Winslow Salon in Kirkland, Washington.

Difiaba "of fairytales"

“I choose [to work in] Seattle after visiting my mother who had moved to Portland Oregon so I had a feel for the Pacific Northwest. I also liked that there was no entertainment industry. I had just returned from living[working] in Spain. I was making life changes and wanted to be as far away from the entertainment industry as possible. I remembered that the people in the Pacific Northwest were laid back and so I went to Portland for around 6 months but found it was to small. Then I tried Seattle and felt like that was where I needed to be. It was cosmopolitan, had great music and great food. The only thing not so great was the weather; that’s part of the reason I work in L.A. now so I can get the best of both worlds” he says. While working in Seattle he was lead back to L.A.. by the many contacts and friends he had made as a singer. He eventually met the owners of B2v Salon, Steve Lococo and Alberto Borrelli, fell in love with them, their Salon space and the people working there. About four months later Lococo offered him a job and his answer was “Absolutely!”

The dreaded re-growth and orange hair

I met with Roman at the B2V Salon on Doheny. I had heard that he was a Master Colorist and specialized in color correction. This was intriguing to me as I have recently taken to bleaching my own hair. I had a friend who talked me into updating my color. What should have turned out to be a one stop trip to the drugstore to buy a bleach kit, turned into four trips and my hair color going from dark golden blonde into bright orange, to less orange, to silvery blue and finally a color that I liked and could live with. That is until the dreaded re-growth and orange hair with the process starting all over again. I finally started to let it grow out dreading the multiple oranges and trips to the drugstore. Then I heard about Ramon and thought I could be a great example of his expertise. I may even be a precautionary tale for those of you who don’t want orange hair; “Don’t try this at home kiddies.”

The colorline Roman uses is from Italy and is called Difiaba. It translates into “of fairytales”. He told me that it isn’t just a fairytale to the consumer but to the colorist as well. “Everything I want it to do it does” he says, “it covers 100% non pigmented hair or “grey hair”, 100% right up to blonde which has been unheard of because there is usually not enough pigment in blonde color to cover gray hair. Nobody has actually ever seen 100% gray coverage before until this product.”

The following video is of Roman speaking about creating the perfect haircolor for lucky me. Please wait for it to load.

When I heard about Roman, I also heard he was the creator of the ‘ Bellevue Blonde’. I immediately knew I wanted to be a ‘ Bellevue Blonde’ even though I didn’t know what that was. I just liked the sound of it, exotic and classy. When I asked Roman about them he told me that the ‘ Bellevue Blonde’ came as a play off of the ‘ Bergdorf Blonde’. Bellevue, Washington has more people per capita that make over 1 million dollars than any other city in the US including Beverly Hills. And even more people that make over 500,000 a year. I wanted to create a signature for this new city. It doesn’t mean that it is exactly the same blonde on every person , it’s a basic of three different colors modified for each individual person.” He went onto explain, “a ‘ Bellevue Blonde’ is more of a state of mind than it is even a haircolor. It’s that blonde that invokes confidence, that evokes a brightness and a lightness about your walk, your step and when you look in the mirror you like what you see. It’s about having some dimension, you never appreciate the light unless there’s the dark. It doesn’t have to be real dark but having the dark makes the light look even better, it’s bright and light and you feel on top of the world.”

When I heard about Roman, I also heard he was the creator of the ‘Bellevue Blonde’. I immediately knew I wanted to be a ‘Bellevue Blonde’

Roman is a Master Colorist and the Director of Education for the Italian colorline Difiaba. He trains other hairstylists on using the Difiaba colorline. He also does a coloring technique called Balayage which is a French word meaning to sweep. This technique doesn’t use foils instead the color is hand painted on the hair exactly where the stylist wants it. It’s a technique of putting the color on the hair creating a seamless transition of one color to the next, completely creating what your hairline and re-growth looks like. Roman explained to me that it’s a technique that most of the stars get done like all the Victoria Secret models and Sarah Jessica Parker. “With the Difiaba colorline comes an immense amount of the top of the line education not just education from me but education to me. I get my education from the Creative Director of Vogue Italia. Enzo Bonaffini who is one of the top hairstylists in the world and a lot of the techniques I do are inspired and come directly from him. I’m also a texture specialists and what that means is that I can accentuate or manipulate your current hair. If you have really curly hair I can make you curls softer and more manageable. Or I can completely get rid of your curl. I do creative perms; if you want your hair to look permanently like a Veronica Lake S curve I can do that. It’s more than getting grandma’s old perm. If you want a permanent beach wave or you just want the roots curled for volume. There is so much I do. I can do the ‘Brazilian Blow Out’ which is really popular right now this takes your hair and smoothes it out so you don’t have to flat iron it all the time, it gets rid of bulk and frizz. Or the ‘Japanese Hair Straightening’, I do all of them” says Roman.

Back to my hair. I sat in Romans chair and had a consultation from him. He found out what I liked and didn’t like about my hair.

He found out what I liked and didn’t like about my current cut and color. He made suggestions and I confidently placed myself in his capable hands. He brought up that I had done something many women do when going blonde and that is going just one color. This isn’t something that you would see on someone who had a natural haircolor. Instead they would have multiple colors ranging from dark to light. So color was decided, the color I had coming in would be the lightest and then darker shades would be added. The length was going to stay the same and he was going to blend in the uneven cut I had on the sides of my hair. For the record let’s just say Roman told me I had a bit of a mullet going on and he couldn’t figure out what had happened. Like I said earlier I am a cautionary tale because at the same time I bleached my own hair I let my friend loose on it with a pair of scissors. There may or may not have been drinks involved, I’m just saying. Anyway…

While I was sitting in his chair several other stylists came over to talk to him about the Difiaba haircolor line. All of the stylists saying how much they loved the line. Some bringing their clients over to show off to Roman the colors they had just styled on them. It was fun seeing how excited everyone was by their work and the colorline.

My hair after the master was finished

I walked out of the Salon with beautiful, baby soft, super shiney, bouncey hair. I am now officially a Bellevue Blonde’. I received lots of compliments on how great my hair looked. The most fun one was from my publisher who I’ve known for many years. I walked into the office and he just stood and looked at me with a blank look on his face. After about 3-4 seconds he said “Oh, it’s you! I didn’t recognize you. You look great.”

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