Luzern Laboratories Organic Cosmeceuticals Review: The calm of nature with the power of science.

I recently joined Luzern Laboratories Organic Cosmeceuticals and celebrity guests at Fred Segal in Santa Monica to experience its Pure Processing Technology.

Luzern Laboratories at Fred Segal in Santa Monica

Luzern, with roots in European skincare since 1996, has combined the benefits of organic and medical principles in its anti-aging cleansers, crèmes, serums and masks.  It is not only effective in keeping your skin bright and glowing, but it is also pure.  In its processing, Luzern uses only certified organic plant extracts and pharmaceutical-grade actives, it is fresh mixed in small batches, it is paraben and formaldehyde free, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, and there is no animal testing.  Luzern seeks out natural, non-toxic and non-irritating alternatives to such commonly used methods.

Adrienne Janic & Karen Ballou at Luzern at Fred Segal in Santa Monica

Luzern may have the gentle touch of nature, but it still packs power of science.  It utilizes oxygen for firm and radiant skin by naturally boosting cellular respiration, detoxification and stimulating fresh cell turnover and collagen production.  It uses nutrients to bathe the skin in powerful anti-aging ingredients such as high levels of liposome-delivered vitamins, anti-wrinkle co-q10, vitamin C and vitamin B.  It makes the most of h20 to keep the moisture in the skin, like nutrient-rich alpine water and hydrating hyaluronic acid, which holds an amazing 1,000 times its weight in water. 





As I tried a variety of the products for myself, its water-based composition was obvious in the way it penetrated, hydrated and soothed my skin.  Rather than merely settling on the surface; it plumped my skin from the inside out as only a high-quality product will do.  It stands apart from less scientific lines, because it has a very soothing feeling that actually remains; you can feel it working its anti-aging magic.

Christine, Judy & Leyla at Luzern at Fred Segal in Santa Monica

Karen Ballouat at Luzern at Fred Segal in Santa Monica

Its system includes steps to moisturize and nourish, cleanse and tone, pamper and protect and keep it fresh.  Force De Vie a/k/a Life Force comes in a crème, lotion, micro-gel and eye contour which boasts oxygen boosters and co-q10, vitamin C, hylauronic acid, and other nutrients and Swiss botanicals to hydrate and combat the signs of aging. 








Rachelle Carson Begley at Luzern at Fred Segal in Santa Monica

Each person has a variety of skin concerns based upon genetics, age and environment, so why would one jar of product be suitable for any given client?  Luzerm recognizes this fact and has formulated a logical and effective approach—a customizable skin care solution.  The Serum Absolut, while it can be used alone, is suggested to be added to the daily Force De Vie Moisturizer and the weekly System O2 Infuse Mask to address your skin’s specific conditions and imperfections.  Luzern offers:  Rosacea Care—a non-steroidal treatment for redness and irritation; Lighten—a Hydroquinone-free treatment for hyper-pigmentation; V12—a high-potency, daily, multivitamin, anti-aging treatment for the skin with 15% stable vitamin C; Rescue—an intensive rescue treatment for dry and damaged skin with 80% EFA’s; Vanish—diminishes the appearance of dark under-eye circles, puffiness and inflammation, leaving eyes looking fresh and youthful; Post-Laser Collagen Booster—optimizes results of clinical and dermatological treatments, increases collagen production and boosts skin’s ability to repair itself; Sensitive—soothes, calms, and strengthens sensitive skin and skin prone to hyper-sensitivity; Wrinkle Erase—bio-active pure plant-derived peptides and organic Alpine extracts boost natural collagen production and significantly reduces existing wrinkles; and Control—an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sebum-controlling treatment for oily and acne-prone skin.

Sean Kanan at Luzern at Fred Segal in Santa Monica

Luzern Laboratories Organic Cosmeceuticals are available at Fred Segal and other fine locations.  For more information, please visit

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