Lunchtime Tune Ups: Renaissance Facial "helping keep the beautiful people beautiful."

Los Angeles Skin Care where their motto is "helping keep the beautiful people beautiful." Offers the Renaissance Facial a signature facial designed by aesthetician Gabriela Meise, and Dr. Andrew G. Berman and Michael S. Howard of Los Angeles Skin Care, which is associated with the Beverly Hills Center for Cosmetic Surgery.  According to Gabriela "no skin is the same and no skin is the same from day to day" So she takes the time at each visit to support and analyze each individuals skin and customizes a facial for that individual.

The Renaissance Facial among its many selling points offers microdermabrasion (Gabriela was one of the first in the city to offer this combination), no down time, it is a medical style facial which is deeper than a regular facial and you can go back to work immediately.

What is meant by deeper than a regular facial you may ask? Well I did and Ms. Meise went on to explain that unless you have perfect skin, a spa styled skin care treatment is not enough to treat deeper problems. If you have any kind of acne, discoloration or heavy wrinkles, then spa care is not enough.  With medical skin care she is able to use heavier acids and creams, which penetrate the skin more than other products.  Most products are more alkaline and they work from the surface out whereas medical products have more acids, which can actually penetrate deeper into the skin. 

Gabriela wanted to have medical skin care in a spa like environment so she has a spa room in a medical office.  The room is a nice comfortable space where people can relax and feel like they are in a spa for just an hour of their day and still get the deeper treatments.

Gabriela has been doing facials for over 6 years. She got her start in skin care when she was dissatisfied with the help she received over her own skin problems. She was started to do her own research to heal herself, in the course of events she fell in love with skin care and went to the Aveda beauty school and ended up managing an Aveda Spa in New Mexico. Later she moved to New York City, where she worked in top spas and salons. It is now our good fortune to have her in Los Angeles.

Ms. Meise is working on word of mouth referrals, she sees only four or five people a day and this allows her to get to know her clients and she has a loyal following because of that care.

My facial started out with a cleansing and extraction. Then she did some microdermabrasion and steam lots of steam, which she says, helps the herbs penetrate into the skin more. Then a mask and eye patches to reduce water retention and remove under eye circles also moisturizing the edges of the eye. There was a lot more steam. A massage during the mask on my shoulders, arms and hands. Even more cleansing and she finished it off with applying some light mineral make up designed not to clog the pores she labored over opening.

It was an enjoyable experience Gabriela is very knowledgeable has a feathery light touch and was concocting potions exclusively for me, which felt very chic and pampering.  You can rest assured you are in capable hands when you in the care of Gabriela.


Gabriela Meise
Los Angeles Skin Care

9001 Wilshire Boulevard  Suite 100
Beverly Hills, Ca 90211

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