Lunchtime Tune-up: Into the realm of the Goddess

It's December and as winter is approaching at our heels, I decided to take a cue from nature and shift the focus of my energy from outer beauty to inner beauty. This quest finds me at the foot of the Goddess or more accurately a Drama Queen who turned herself into a Goddess Queen.

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a self proclaimed Goddess Queen as well as a clinical hypnotherapist, minister and author.  She is on a crusade to awaken women to discovering their inner Goddess Queen. Her quest is to have women "come out of the shadows and into the spotlight of the life they came here to live … to realize that all the love, wisdom, compassion, creative genius, intuition, healing, and guidance they've been looking for, has been with them all along.". 



I visited Kelly in a beauty retreat called Ruby Begonia in the Valley. She has a private candlelit room, with aromatic oils of citrus wafting in the air. Luxuriously draped in silks and Middle Eastern cloths reminiscent of an inner sanctum of a harem. There are two soft chairs, facing each other adorned in silks and fabrics. I am made to feel at home immediately as she offers me pillows to get comfortable and water. She pours herself languidly into the chair opposite mine and inhales deeply as she looks into my eyes, tells me she is happy to see me and asks what she can do for me.  She offers to have a prayer with me before we get started and takes my hands into hers as she begins to pray. The prayer is something that sounds more like proclaiming a vision of me in perfection, which already exists, rather than an appealing to any higher source for anything.

After the prayer she looks again into my eyes longer than I am used to looking at someone and I feel a little squirmy inside as I embarrassingly hold her gaze. I am not accustomed to someone who looks as if they can truly see inside of me. I fight the urge to cover and hide from her stare as I return her gaze. Again she asks me what she can do for me, what do I want. I laugh and say that is one of my favorite questions. I open my mouth to tell her I am here for an experience of hypnosis to concentrate on maybe weight loss or a better memory. Or if time permitting, I have a long list of things I would like someone to hypnotize me into believing.  I promptly close it again and tell her I need a minute to formulate what I want. Because during the prayer something came to my mind, which had been simmering for the last couple of weeks and I wanted to formulate it. I talked in circles for a minute until I was able to articulate what it was; a new vision of myself, a new way of looking at myself. I got myself a new attitude and I wanted to ground it. Kelly met my proclamation with enthusiasm and excitement. Stating that this is what her work and vision is about women realizing their grandeur.

She asked me to sit back and turn my palms up in my lap into a receiving position. She then led me on a hypnotic vision/meditation, where I journeyed to a sacred place of my choosing and looked into a mirror at my perfect self. Then she helped me expand on the vision of my perfect self and anchor it so I could call on that vision in my everyday life. 

I am not new to doing inner work and have had many guides and teachers and one of the clearest ways I have of knowing when some kind inner experience is real to me and not just imagined is my physical responses. There have been times when my body would tremble and quake because of the power I felt I had come in contact with. I like to think of it as touching the divine.  I had a similar experience with Kelly on our journey in that without feeling emotionally upset I was surprised to notice there were tears falling out of my eyes.  I also noticed the tiniest of shifts in my consciousness and way I was feeling in relation to the world. More secure, more stable, grounded in the new image of myself just as I had requested. Beyond just experiencing my perfect self in the moment of hypnosis she gave me tools to anchor this vision of my perfect self in everyday life.

We ended the session with a hug and words of encouragement from her. I left feeling like I was looking at the world a little differently and something had shifted in me. I had indeed entered the realm of the Goddess and she had touched me, changed me and awoken the knowledge that I too was a Goddess Queen.

 The perfect lunchtime tune-up for my heart and soul.

Kelly is an ordained Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Human Design Consultant and Spiritual Counselor.  She is the host of an L.A. based cable Show "Heart Matters". She leads Goddess Queen Gatherings in the Los Angeles area. She also facilitates Goddess Queen teleseminars and trains other women across the U.S. to lead Goddess Queen Gatherings. If you are interested learning more about Goddess Queen Gatherings, classes or personal sessions you can reach Kelly at her website .

Kelly Sullivan Walden  is the author of "Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen - an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen.". The book and corresponding CD and journal are available at bookstores, Amazon and on her website .

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