Los Angeles FitExpo - Bringing Fitness to L.A.

You might see bulging biceps and think the Los Angeles FitExpo is all about body building and hardcore weightlifters, which it is, but it's also about bringing knowledge and fitness to everyone, and that was accomplished over the three-day event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Gaspari Nutrition Booth

The FitExpo gave attendees a wealth of knowledge and information, ranging from fitness supplements and information on how to get the best from your workouts, to an amazing group of seminars covering such topics as anti-aging, marketing/self-promotion, skin and plastic surgery issues, as well as rehab and injuries and how to deal with them.

The American Gladiators

The FitExpo also offered attendees a great chance to participate in a variety of events. There was a huge turnout for auditions for season two of the NBC Series American Gladiators. The FitExpo added something new for the younger crowd this year, Operation Fitness “Teen Strength and Fitness Challenge,” which was a strength competition and obstacle course for teenagers in which they competed for prizes in three age categories. There was also a great contest for couples, in which a $2,500 prize was awarded to the Fittest Couple.

Jessica Leigh Bunny and Kayla Collins

If you just wanted some entertainment, you could not beat what was offered for your ten dollar ticket into this event, as there were a number of contests  you could attend. The FitExpo opened Friday night with Gaspari Nutrition’s All-American Strongman Challenge and Saturday featured the Iron Man Magazine 19th Annual IFBB Iron Man Pro Bodybuilding Contest and the Iron Man NPC Women’s Figure Competition. The entertainment was limited to body building and weightlifting, as the weekend was filled with the Gracie U.S. Nationals giving everyone a chance to see some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


“I’ve been sponsoring the FitExpo for five years, and it’s very important to be here. This is is the biggest show in California for this type of event, this is and that is why I’ve become a major sponsor,” Rich Gaspari, President and CEO of Gaspari Nutrition said. “People in California are into fitness and being in shape and this is a great place to get our name out there, that’s why when you come in here you see us first, we are the brand that works.”


Next year, whether you are in shape, a body builder, or overweight and looking to get motivated to change your body, this is a can’t miss event that will keep you entertained, informed and busy the entire time you are there.

For more information on the FitExpo and for updates about what will be coming up in 2009, visit: www.thefitexpo.com

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