Lori Hart About Face Review - My skin glowed and nearly every wrinkle had vanished

(Los Angeles, CA)

Located in a peaceful and tranquil area of Marina Del Rey, California is a hidden fountain of youth. With soft music and the aroma of lavender drifting thru the air, Lori Hart begins my session with a cool misting of my face using the CHARME system. The antimicrobial property kills bacteria and viruses on the skin and is the perfect choice for skin conditions like ache. Cleaning the pores as its gentle sucking action massages the facial muscles. While misting my face with her fabulous skin conditioner, Lori works out the impurities. After the deep cleaning and relaxing facial massage, Lori begins using the REVENIR system. Wrinkles have no hope after this product performs a miraculous rejuvenation of the skin.


Lori Hart has been rejuvenating faces for nearly two decades and has developed techniques and products to leave the face in the best possible condition. Applied using electronic devices Lori's system creates a youthful appearance, leaving the face toned and feeling vibrant.

The experience begins at the door. Entering the ground floor treatment salon, the spiral staircase, crystal chandeliers and wall paintings move clients into a dreamlike setting. I felt as if I’d been moved into a Tuscan Villa, as Lori took my hand, and escorted me into the spa treatment area. Looking around I see areas of therapy, cosmetic formulation, and merchandise filled shelves. This is going to be an experience I never would have expected. After a short walk around the facility, Lori led me to the therapy table where I left all my reasons of doubt. Lying on the table, I let the magic begin. Misting my face with her magic potion, Lori’s gentle touch and soft voice sends me into a wonderful deep relaxation.

She works every muscle in my face and neck using a small suction cup to extrude all impurities from my pores. Several more mistings and an electronic facial massage later, I’m given a hand mirror. The person I recognize in the refection is a much younger ME. My skin glowed and nearly every wrinkle had vanished. The pores around my nose that had once looked like moon pits are now gone. With my skin is tight and toned, Lori takes me to her mineral cosmetic formulation area and mixes a personal compound as she explains her process. A light touch of her brush, and I’m glamorous until I return in a few weeks for another session.


Lori Hart informs me, many Hollywood “A” list celebrity clients (both male and female) regularly receive these treatments. Private, personal and completely discrete treatments are utmost in her respect toward her clients. After your first session, you’ll be hard pressed not to add this incredible service to your beauty regimen.

At last, Lori Hart offers an affordable, non-surgical fountain of youth.


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