Lifestyle In Motion

Lifestyle In Motion is a groundbreaking new program developed by Dr. Dobri Kiprov to not only help you lose weight but to empower your life through simple healthful changes. This method emphasizes changes in lifestyle that everyone could feasibly achieve and that will improve your physique as well as diminish your risk for many common diseases including cancer.



As a physician Dr. Kiprov has followed people over time and seen first hand that the tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle leads to being over weight then obese, and can evolve into diabetes and other diseases. Scientific research indicates that even cancer is preventable with a change in your lifestyle. This is why he has created the Lifestyle in Motion program.


The first installment of this periodical-based program stresses the importance of educating yourself about your body and immune system to aid in making health conscious decisions. Simple, fast, and healthy recipes are included with tutorial videos. Kiprov explains, “I use these recipes on a daily basis. I like to eat and I’m interested in all types of culinary experiences”. Born and raised in Europe, Kiprov claims the “attitude towards food and diet is totally different there”. Kiprov’s unique perspective is translated through his recipes, which are all presented with complimentary wine pairings. Finally, the Lifestyle In Motion program provides exercise practices that everyone can find the time to use. Tai Chi, one of the featured methods, is used to strengthen and tone the body as well as reduce stress.


Dr. Kiprov’s quest to help people transform their lives with simple lifestyle changes has also lead him to develop a revolutinary new food line that utilizes the power of food as medicine. He explains, “creating food that is healthy, tasty and affordable, so people will actually enjoy it, and that has medicinal properties can actually accomplish a great deal”.


His new product Sila is composed of 3 main ingredients- white beans, white tea and sweet red peppers, all nutritional powerhouses. White beans block enzymes that are needed for the absorbtion of sugar in the body, therefore slowing the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood. Kiprov explains, “the less carbs absorbed into the blood the less the potential to get fat”. Beans also suppress hunger, “eating a certain amount will satiate you”. White tea is extremely rich in anti-oxidants; it contains substances that promote the burning and expansion of fat cells. Finally, roasted sweet bell peppers create heat in the body that gives you additional energy and burns more calories. Sila is not only a healthy choice, eating it will help you lose weight!


Sila means power in most Slavic languages, “it really means what we are trying to do, we’re trying to empower people with food”, Kiprov explains. It can be used as a dressing, a dip, or a snack, is low in calories and extremely high in nutritional value. It is available for purchase online at , soon to be found in health food stores near you.


For more information on Lifestyle in Motion , Sila, or Dr. Dobri Kiprov please visit http://www.lifestyleinmotion. com/

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