Laurence Michaels Studio Review - From "Dull" to "Dullicious"

Did you ever wonder how a chance meeting could change your life?  Well, for me, it happened purely by accident.  It began when I took my daughter to get her hair styled at the Laurence Michaels studio in Los Angeles, as a gift for her perfect 4.0 grades.  Monica Antigue, the master hair cutter and stylist immediately greeted us with a personable and friendly smile.


laurence michaels hair XtenStudio

As she was styling and shaping my daughter's hair, we began a conversation about Monica's great locks and color done expressively by her colleague, Nakysha Thomas.  This led me to discover that Laurence Michaels is distinctively a hair extension studio.  I have always dreamt of having long locks, but always felt that it was an expense I could not afford.  After speaking with Deborah McDowell, owner of Laurence Michaels, I realized that this dream was an opportunity I could not afford to miss.

Guests are pampered diva style throughout the day

Deborah explained in great detail the different styles, textures, and process that would be involved in transforming me from dull to dullicious.  This included a strand by strand, clip-on braid weaving.  These methods includes small strands of extension hairs that are attached to small section of your own hair by either threading, beading, interlocking or the use of polymers.  What I liked the most about my consultation with Deborah was the fact that I never felt that I was being sold on a product or pressured into doing something that financially for me, was quite an expense.  The consultation was personable, professional and sincere.  What sold me on getting the long locks was the fact that all the stylists in the studio wore extensions.  It was nice to experience first hand the variety in style, color, texture, and length.  In addition, what convinced me to go ahead with the extensions was the fact that Deborah was more than willing to work with me on my specific budget.  Exquisite extensions' cost range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the desired wants and needs of the client.

Once I made the decision to go ahead and get extensions, I was treated with VIP status.  Not only was I catered to like a real celebrity, the entourage at Laurence Michaels, made special accommodations for me to get my 'new' look on a Sunday, New Year's Eve, so I could go out in style with my husband for 2007.  (This was before they had any idea I was writing an article on them!)  The first step at hand was to give the salon vital information so that I could be pampered throughout the day.  The information included my favorite food, drink, magazine, movies, and music, which Deborah provided for me with a smile.

Inside the studio

I began the hair process with Nakysha giving me a new color tint to better compliment my face and complexion.   Then came the laborious task of putting in my tracks by threading, which took a couple of hours.  The whole process of clipping on my custom designed hair, that perfectly matched my own hair, was about 7 hours.  Yes, quite a lengthy process, but definitely worth the time.  Indeed, had I not been given the divine diva pampering, my time in the studio would have seemed indefinite, however, with my every whim being catered to, the process did not seem quite so lengthy.

The "dull" hair before transformation

In the end, the result I came away with was quite overwhelming.  I was amazed at the transformation of my look, as well as the transformation in my attitude and self-confidence.  How surprising to find out that these luscious locks would transform not only my look and self-esteem but my sex appeal as well!

Lastly, I would like to say one of the benefits of going to the Laurence Michaels studio, in comparison to other salons I have frequented, is that when you are being styled, the total focus in on you.  All the professionals there give you their undivided, personal attention and it is evident in the final completion.

From "dull" to "dullicious" locks. Pictured with Tony Kanal on New Year's Eve

Needless to say, this new look was worth the time and money.  The added benefits included much more attention from my husband, as well as a spiced up relationship.  And I think my husband would fully agree with me, that we kicked in the New Year with quite a bang! 

It is laurence michalels, where 'Beauty meets Glamour'.  

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