Laser Resurfacing Review – Whisper Away Years

Gina doing Whisper Laser Treatment

Gina Molinari’s perfect glowing skin is a testament to her talent.  Gina is an expert at skin rejuvenation and she is the person that shows doctors how to work the Whisper Erbium Laser System.

Dr. Martin Brender

A few of us at LA Splash were the lucky recipients of Gina Molinari’s magic touch.  Since this was a medical procedure, Dr. Arnold Brender, of Beach Physicians Medical Group, Huntington Beach, accompanied Gina.

Elegant Fruit and Cheese Platters

When we arrived at her beautiful suite at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel Gina had a wonderful assortment of fruit and cheese platters for us to munch on while we were waiting our turn for the prepping facial we received compliments of the skilled fingers of Marielynne Gleason, the aesthetician who Gina brought out from the Day Spa of Ojai branch of Spa Technologies International.  She performed all of the facial, cleansing. numbing, moisturizing and facial massaging treatments during the event.  For more  information, contact Kim Wachter who is the owner and spa director at 805-640-1100.

Marielynne Gleason giving a facial massage to Lawrence Davis

After massaging our faces she applied different treatments to our skin using Spa technologies, which is a marine based line made out of seaweed and plankton extracts that are mineral rich.  While they promote anti-aging and exfoliation, they are an anti-inflammatory line that doesn't burn or scrape skin into youthfulness that makes their line a perfect complement to more aggressive treatments such as ablative lasers.  They complement the laser with 3 effective anti-aging modalities:

1.    Liquid oxygen to speed up healing and act as a vehicle for the penetration of their actives such as the antioxidants contained in our marine extracts.
2.    Promote faster cellular    turnover to help thicken the connective tissue matrix.
3.    DNA repairing enzymes extracted from plankton help to prevent photo-carcinomas and promote the genesis of healthy cells rather than damaged ones caused by the sun or other environmental aging factors.

Gina and Spa Technologies also would be providing us with recovery Kits for post laser containing active ingredients including pure liquid oxygen, DNA repairing enzymes and advanced marine extracts for skin healing.  

After our facial, Marielynne slathered our faces with numbing cream and we munched away and chatted while we waited for the numbing cream to take effect.   

Part of Beau Visage Session

Our treatments began with a Beau Visage Photo Session by Martin Barfield to address the main care concerns of today which are aging, redness, including dilated capillaries or rosecea, sun damage (including pigmentation and brown spots, wrinkles, acne and scarring.

Beau Visage Photo

The Beau Visage consultation shows the health of your skin, in, in particular showing the distribution of blood and melanin in your face that affects your facial appearance.
Beau Visage calculates the age of your skin so you can tell if you are aging faster than you should be.  With their photographic machine Martin was able to assess our skin concerns.

Amanda Cortez Having Beau Visage Session

Three photographs were taken of our face using the Beau Visage Skin Consultation system.  Beau Visage calculated our Skin Age Score against a database of our peers.  We were shown the color, blood, melanin and sun damage in the images generated by Beau Visage.  The machine will also show if there is any skin cancer present.

Waiting for her numbing cream to take effect

The next step after we were sufficiently numb was to have our Whisper laser treatments.  The treatment itself is a little uncomfortable.  Occasionally there is a stinging sensation, but ah this is the cost of beauty,

Expect to feel like you’ve had a sunburn for a few days, then you peel and the healing begins.  For me it was around 5 days of healing although it varies.  I stayed in, while Lawrence and Amanda went out on the town starting with day one.  I guess they aren’t as vain as I am.  

Gina said to expect a 3 to 5 day downtime and then the skin gets better and better for the next 10 days.  I think there is a major improvement in my overall skin texture.  Lawrence and Amanda are very happy with their results as well.

Gina working on Amands

How it works:
The Whisper is a compact, Erbium Yag (2940nm wavelength) that has a high affinity for water absorption.  This Laser system precisely ablates the outmost layer of skin.  Depending on the setting being used, the Whisper removes 20-60 microns of tissue in a single pass.  In addition, heat is disbursed into the sub-dermal tissue to stimulate and promote collagen realignment.  Dead, dry skin cells are immediately removed.  In addition, melasma, and sun damaged skin can be removed in a single pass.

Amanda Cortez having her Whisper Treatment

Why the Whisper?
The Whisper is a safe and effective can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands.  In today’s world people are healthier, and living longer.  People want to look as good as they feel.   Co2 lasers produce excellent results however, there is too much down time for most patients.  Non-ablative lasers do not remove the dead, dry epidermal layer of skin and have proven to produce minimal results.

In a single pass, the Whisper will remove the Stratum Corneum layer of tissue.  The procedure will require only a topical anesthetic at the very most.  It usually takes approximately 15-minutes to treat an entire face.  Once the procedure has been performed on the desired area, the patient will experience a sensation similar to sunburn.  Approximately 24-hours out the “sunburn” feeling will be gone however the patient will still be pink.  Makeup can be applied 24-hours out.  Approximately 72-hour post treatment the treated area will begin to peel.  Peeling will last 2-3 days.  Once the peeling is complete the patient will experience smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin with a significant, immediate change in skin texture and tightness.

How many treatments can be done?
With a single treatment the Whisper will not produce CO2 laser resurfacing results.  However, the patients will not experience the down time associated with CO2 Skin resurfacing.  In order to obtain near Co2 laser resurfacing results, it is recommended that the patient have 3-treatments.  The procedures should be spaced 4 weeks apart.

Whisper Specs:
The LaserPeel is currently the smallest Erbium Laser being produced for Skin Rejuvenation. It is easy to set up and use.  It operates of off a standard wall outlet and there is no warm up time associated with using the laser

CO2 Laser Resurfacing was too invasive, IPL Photofacial is really only efficacious on Vascular and pigmented conditions; (which is fine, for those group of patients that present with that, but what about the large group that needs skin textural rejuvenation, slight tightening for fine lines, and more profound sun-damage treatments).  IPL Photofacial does not do much of anything for fine lines and collagen stimulation or the top epidermal damaged skin.

Lawrence Davis 2 weeks after his treatment

The Whisper was created by clinicians looking to help this group of patients, who need and want a delicate, controlled ablative procedure which yields noticeable immediate results, and significant longer-term improvement with serial treatments (usually a series of three).  Commonly referred to as the “lunchtime” peel, patients experience only a pinky-red tone to their skin for 3-5 days, culminating in a full face peel, leaving nothing but tighter, softer, smooth rejuvenated skin, underneath.  It’s been said that this simple procedure (10-15 mins.) is equivalent to 12  microderms and much more controllable than chemical peels.  $350 and up per treatment is the norm, and three  to five  treatments spread 4 weeks apart is the usual protocol.

To Contact Gina Molianri      

Dan Fryda, Spa Tecnologies

Martin Barfield,  Beau Visage

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