LOHAS Comes to Los Angeles

If you've ever looked around and thought, 'There MUST be more to life than THIS! What can I do to make a positive impact?' Then maybe you need to attend the LOHAS 10 forum. Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) Forum is the leading conference focusing on the $228.9 billion U.S. marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living.

LOHAS Seminar

Each year the forum brings together a wide range of companies, from large corporations to independent businesses, who are committed to doing their part for conscious commerce. The consumers attracted to this market have been collectively referred to as Cultural Creatives and represent a sizable group in this country. Approximately 30 percent of the adults in the U.S., or 63 million people, are currently considered LOHAS Consumers. http://www.lohas.com

Conference Attendees Engrossed in Topic

LOHAS 10 Forum is a three-day business conference that unites leaders of Fortune 500 companies, LOHAS companies, the press, and members of the media and entertainment community to discuss how business, media and entertainment can be leveraged to educate, shape and influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions while promoting lifestyles of health and sustainability.

Program highlights include: Highly influential speaker sessions, celebrity panels, movie screenings, musical performances, culinary experiences, demonstrations, and networking receptions.

If you can't be at the Fairmont Hotel, 101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, California on April 26-28, 2006 then check back here and we will fill you on what you missed.

Conference Attendees at Evening Affair

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