Karen Scott Cosmetics Review - The Magic Behind the Make Up

“See Joc, doesn’t it look great?” Karen Scott is beaming at me, admiring her meticulous handiwork which is literally written across my face. 

I have impeccable new eyebrows. Newly waxed, newly tinted, newly perfected. It does look great. With a few flicks of her wrist and some expertly placed strokes of her magic wand, she’s opened up and refreshed my look and simultaneously granted me a few extra AM snooze hits. Almost instantly; I’m hooked.

Until Jocelyn's brows are just so...

Karen Scott has been working her magic for years- decades, actually. Captivated by the magic of make up herself as a little girl, she has followed the art of application all of her life. Through her extensive experience, Karen has pinpointed and perfected all of the best beautification methods available to the everyday woman and brought them here to blossom in Beverly Hills. She is notorious for her fantastic work on eyebrows, arguably the most expressive feature of the face. But Karen also offers lash tinting, special occasion make up applications, and one-on-one beauty lessons.

Karen's inspiration is her beautiful mother

Today, Karen has graciously agreed to squeeze my colleague Paula and myself into her over-flowing rolodex of regulars and treat us to a bit of tint and polish. It’s my first time getting my brows and lashes tinted but it is obviously not Karen’s first carnival and she puts me at ease immediately. There are four of us women in her chic private studio on Pico Boulevard and we are all chattering comfortably about old Hollywood glamour and beauty secrets and regimens that the women before us have all passed down through the generations. 

Cover, Touch, N Go!

The Karen Scott Studio is abuzz with countenance, coif, and couture tips this Tuesday afternoon and I hardly notice the brief stinging sensation as our hostess deftly goes to work on my features. After a few minutes, I’m ready for the lash tint and Karen explains everything that she’s doing as she works. Before I know it, I’m resting with my eyes closed and head tilted slightly back as Paula begins her pampering.

Karen and Paula tint and polish to perfection

The conversation continues as Karen tells us about a few of her long-time clients, her increasing male clientele, and the extensive Karen Scott Cosmetics media coverage that I’ve already rifled through online and asked her to tell me about. Fifteen minutes later, I’m back in the beauty chair. Karen finishes me up with her signature ‘Cover, Touch, N Go’ make up application- which is an absolutely appropriate name since my blonde brows and lashes are now perfectly polished au naturel. 

Fine tuned for just a touch more than au naturel

Paula receives the same final touches and we all admire Karen’s handiwork as her next client arrives and taps lightly on the door. Overall, the two of us were in and out of the studio in an hour, perfectly polished, and brimming with new tips, tricks, and tools to take home. Karen was quick, thorough, and painless and I couldn’t have asked for a better first time.

Clients and fans can also drop into her studio to pick up their favorite make up must haves, which have all been hand picked by Karen to be included in her own personal Karen Scott Cosmetics line. But if you don’t have time to stop by and peruse the goodies in person, her entire line is also available for purchase online. Be sure to check out Karen Scott in person or online for all of your beauty, brow, and rouge needs.  Between her  make up magic and those coveted extra morning minutes, I guarantee you'll get your money's worth .

Karen Scott Cosmetics are available in her studio and online

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