Kara Spa is a refreshing and relaxing paradise in the center Century City

Broaching on the anniversary of its first year the Kara Spa is a refreshing and relaxing paradise in the center Century City. The focus of the spa is on rest and relaxation, a perfect getaway for traveling business man and or women. While located in the Park Hyatt hotel once you have walked through the doors of the spa you no longer feel like you are in a 'big-chain' hotel. The robes are plush, the towels are soft and the service is impeccable.

The spa itself is incredibly small, which can be looked at positively and negatively. Positively, the service is personalized and catered directly towards your need. The negative is you have to share some amenities with hotel guests such as the jacuzzi and sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment because there are only four treatment rooms.

All treatments begin with a Polynesian foot massage to release negative and stressful energy replacing it with positive and calm energy. The foot massage is a unique and great touch. The treatment rooms themselves are very luxurious, complete with a shower, television and bath. The bath tub looks incredibly appealing, yet is slightly uncomfortable once you are soaking. The facet pours water from the ceiling straight down and the water spills out of the sides of the tub into a basin. The downside is to change the temperature of the water you have to maneuver around this huge powerful stream of water coming out of the ceiling. Watch out when the water is hot! One great feature of the tub is its depth; a tall person can enjoy a soak while keeping their upper body warm and completely emerged in the water.

The facial and skin care treatments at Kara are impressive and rejuvenating. The Hydramemory facial was gentle and very cleansing. The Italian products are the perfect balance of scrubbing and soothing, while the mask was just the right amount of firmness, without feeling as though your face is covered in clay. The eyebrow waxing had a unique twist with a lotion that reduces redness perfect for all those fair-skinned people who get red and stay red for days after waxing. I was able to go out after my waxing without looking like I had brows done a few hours earlier.

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