Jurlique The Purist Skin Care On Earth

The Jurlique Difference

Natural Plant Derived ingredients.
Natural herbal antioxidants.
Plant based ingredients.
Vitamins and herbal extracts are used to revitalize nurture and protect your skin.
No chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances are used.
Not tested on animals.
No animal content.
Containers are biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Inspires people to health and well being through a holistic lifestyle.


Embodying purity integrity and care Jurlique skin care is renowned the world over for its Biointrinsic™ extraction method, which protects and preserves the natural life force of herbs. Resulting in an effective, pure and natural skin care and health care system.

They grow 95% of their pure plant-based ingredients on their certified organic and biodynamic farms in Southern Australia.


The founders of Jurlique are a husband and wife Dr. Jungen Klein and Ulrike Klein she was a botanist and horticulturist sand he as a scientist and naturopath and authority on herbal medicine they combined their talents and developed a very unique earth and life friendly skin care line filled with a dream to find some land to build a farm to grow their own organic herbs for their skin care they searched all over the world for a suitable piece of property an unpolluted environment where they could cultivate there herbs and flowers. After a long search they discovered Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills, of South Australia. Which is now home Jurlique and the Jurlique Herb Farm.


That was in 1985 and since then Jurlique has spread world wide with the skincare line being carried in Spas and stores all over the world, as well as their own Jurlique Concept Stores and Day Spas Worldwide.


 I recently had the chance to have the indulgence of a Jurlique facial at their Beverly Hills location. I arrived at the location and was greeted by hovering natural perfumes there was lavender drifted by and something woodsy floated around me.  My facialist Sophia escorted me back to my room and I sank down into a warm soft bed and as I pulled up the blanket to cover myself I as pampered as a newborn babe with the softest, finest bedding.  I began to breath for the first time in weeks. 


Sophia came in and she began to prepare my skin for the facial.  I remember looking to my left and seeing a print of a rose and then her covering my eyes with cotton balls and feeling again.  It felt like something was telling me to let go give up my control and just release, I was smelling roses and lavender and hearing bottles clinking and thinking Sophia that's the name of the Goddess of Wisdom and I need to let go. I do remember I had her tell me some about the company and she did some blackhead extractions that weren't so pleasant but honestly. It was one of the most lovely facials I've had. When she started massaging my face, the combination of a talented therapist and such pure product, I had no choice, I went into an altered state and this current control freak let go.  It was lovely and delicious, and my skin looked beautiful.


It is difficult to describe the difference between using product where such care is taken in making sure the purity is still intact that its essence is still alive when it arrives to you. But if you've ever picked a tomato off the vine and eaten it immediately or compared a fruit or vegetable bought at a farmers market where it was picked and sold that day, to one from a super market. Then you can get the idea of a company like Jurlique who use only organic products and no chemicals to preserve them, compared to those who don't.


Jurlique Concept Store/Day Spa  - Beverly Hills
358 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California, 90210
310 285 9820
310 285 9888 fax


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