Juan Florentino Review - Hairstylist Extraordinaire

Juan Florentino has 30+ experience and can take care of all your hair care needs.


Juan Florentino came to Glendale, California at the young age of ten and has always had an eye for hair even as a kid.

“When I was young kid, I would help my mom with her hair to ensure her hairdo was in shape after getting it styles,” said Florentino. “I would be creative with it.”

The young boy always had a love for art and aspired to be an architect. Fortunately, accidentally, he went into what they called “beauty school” because he needed the credits. Surprisingly, Florentino found his true calling.

At that time, there were very little males in beauty school and his teachers told him if he horses around in class, he will be kicked out. It turned out that Florentino became a favorite among his teachers where they saw great potential in his work. He was then recommend as a young teen to work as an assistant with Tina Cassidy in Beverly Hills.

Little did he know that his creativeness and keen eye would take his future as a successful stylist in Beverly Hills.

I felt in good hands when he took the time to analyze my hair in great detail. He knew exactly what had been done to it before and what he needed to do to repair it. Ensuring that face, skin color, body type and hair flow together make a complete picture.

“I want to make sure that the hair accentuates your face and your whole being,” said Florentino.

Before I went to see him, I colored my own hair and he knew that, he saw the many different shades in my hair which created different textures. He customized his colorings so that my hair color would be naturally a consistent color. But when it came time to cutting and blow drying my hair, he became Michelangelo of hair and I was his canvas.

The busy hairstylist has two assistance to help him during his busy schedule. When he had to leave me, his assistant was by my side checking my color to ensure it wasn’t being over processed.

When your hair was as damaged as mine, conditioning is so important. Florentino conditioned my hair after the color and again after the highlights. His scalp massages are so wonderfully relaxing. I couldn’t help but fall into a short deep slumber.

What I also liked about Florentino is that he’s concerned with the grey hairs that he calls “shimmers.” Not that I had any.

“The shimmers are resistant and can take longer than the other hair,” said Florentino. He meticulously observes the color to make sure that they, too, are colored correctly.

 He’s even very concerned with the sensitivity of my scalp.

Florentino highlighted my hair using the foil process. He carefully selected the sections that he wanted highlighted. When he took off the foil for my highlights he gently unwrapped each one to ensure that the color was right. This is precision that I’ve never experienced.

During the cutting process, Florentino is in deep concentration where nothing else mattered but my hair.

And when it was time to blow dry, I felt like I was a work of art being created.

In the end, the results of my hair made me ecstatic. My hair was so luxuriously soft and I was an extremely happy client to have my hair a consistent beautiful color with the perfect highlights and no longer embarrassed with the different colors of my hair.

Florentino’s notable list of clients cannot be revealed entirely, but luminaries who trust him with their tresses such as Carol Burnett, Joey McIntyre, Tobin Bell and Billy Crystal and speak to the magic he creates with his vision and scissors.  

Florentino’s ascent, as stylist to the stars, began in 1980 in Beverly Hills.  As his loyal clientele kept growing he moved from the Tina Cassidy Salon, to the Betty Pierson Salon to the Umberto Salon.

Florentino is not just a specialist in cutting or coloring. He’s a specialist and artist in hair. I told him what I wanted. He took full control and delivered. He colored it. He Highlighted it. He conditioned it (two times). He glossed it. The result was perfection!

Florentino’s 30+ years of experience and popularity has kept him working as a hair stylist in Beverly Hills where continues to transform men and women into a work of art. 

For an appointment with Juan Florentino please call (310) 277 2778.


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