Infinity Teeth Whitening System Review - Dr. Forouzanpour Whitens Teeth In 7 Minutes

Infinity Teeth Whitening System

The Infinity Teeth Whitening System uses cutting edge LED technology with an exclusive formulated whitening gel for dramatic results fast. The specially formulated whitening gel contains a proprietary catalyst which is activated with LED lights. The Teeth Whitening process is accelerated and optimized resulting in a beautiful smile.

Just introduced into the market, the cutting edge teeth whitening treatment, utilizes ultraviolet light rather than laser, to obtain faster whiter teeth. The first Southern California doctor to own this new and advanced teeth-whitening machine, Dr. Forouzanpour a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon chose to offer teeth bleaching after seeing so many patients who felt insecure about their smiles.

Dr. Fourzanpour

My publisher and I went to Dr. Forouzanpour’s offices located in Beverly Hills. His lobby was filled with beautiful people and the PR contact who was there to met us had a dazzling bright white smile, a trophy from the Infinity Teeth Whitening System.

We were ushered to a treatment room and waited while the Dr. finished with a consultation. He came into the room wheeling a small cart with a compact machine on it, the Infinity Teeth Whitening System.

Before and after treatment

One at a time we brushed our teeth with the special toothpaste and brush supplied to us. We put on a protective lip balm and then Dr. Forouzanpour put the whitening gel on the mouthgaurd of the LED light and placed it in our mouths. He turned on the machine and our mouths glowed a pretty purple color.  I went second and found the hardest part of the experience was not being able to talk as the conversation titillated around me.  The Dr. was knowledgeable and charming and it was a little like a cross between a party and an “ask the expert” TV segment while we got the benefit of a beautiful white smile.

The effect my publisher got from the whitening was really great. Just like the PR contact his smile really flashed white and bright. My results weren’t as dramatic yet you can see a difference.  Added benefits with the Infinity Teeth Whitening System which is called 7 minute teeth whitening, is you see immediate results which get better as the day goes on. You don’t have to avoid coffee, or red wine etc and they even supply you with a supplemental maintenance spray you can carry in your pocket or purse and spray onto your teeth after indulging in a stain maker like red wine, keeping your teeth pearly white.

Infinity Teeeth Whitening System uses LED lights

The teeth bleaching process is painless and can be repeated up to 3 times per visit depending upon the patient’s need and color preference. This is designed because the gel losses potency and instead of leaving it on for the entire time like most other teeth whitening systems. You get the light taken out, you brush your teeth and then get it another dose of whitening, this can be repeated up to 3 times per visit. Whitening durations vary, but typically last for 3 months. A quick 7 minute follow-up visit is all it takes to keep those pearly whites looking beautiful. The cost runs around $150 per 7 minute treatment; a bargain when compared to what traditional laser teeth whitening costs.

Before and after treatment

This 7 minute teeth whitening is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get a bright white smile.

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