ILA Spa Treatment Review- Upscale Relaxation

ILA spa treatment recently opened at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California.  The superiority of this product denoted by its prior locations in Chewton Glen, Shire House, Grayshott Spa, Serenity in the City, The Flying Boat Club, Eden Beauty, Kempinski Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, Ananda Spa, and other Four Seasons HotelsDenise Leicester, the founder utilized her expertise in healing to formulate spa treatments with purity, energy, and balance.

Four Seasons Hotel in LA, California

The purity is derived from the ingredients and the processing.  ILA searches the ends of the earth to uncover Beyond Organic® ingredients.  The products are certified by the Soil Association and ECOCERT for using organic steam distilled essential oils and cold pressed vegetable oils.  These oil processes alter the elements devoid of synthetic chemicals and artificial additives.  The only exceptions are the rose otto and hydrodistilled jasmine oils.  ILA’s preservation from aniseed, cinnamon, and balsam avoids health concern with artificial preservatives.  Since the products are naturally maintained, the shelf life of an opened container diminishes from 12 months to 6 months.

Artisan production

Positive energy is a must when concerning spa treatments.  Since these products are hand blended, they are constituted as artisan skincare.  To create a lighted energy, ILA employs sacred geometry (yantras).  While harvesting the ingredients, the farmers chant since the purest form of energy is sound. 

The balance of the line originates from the combination of purity and energy.  As Denise Leicester explains,”The ILA ingredients and products contain the highest level of purity and therefore have energy, which is delivered through the product and restores balance.”  An explanation assisted with understanding the product line fully.

Collected rose petals


ILA has made a commitment to never test animals nor incorporate any animal tested raw materials.  Beeswax and royal jelly are the only ingredients from animal origin.  Not only is this line animal friendly, but environmentally friendly as well. 

ILA knows the environment is the main source of all their ingredients, so ILA is eager to protect nature at all angles.  The offices, production, R&D, training establishments are all located at the company’s headquarters, Cotswolds, which reduces gas emissions into the environment from transportation.  The company uses ecological power from Ecotricity.  Sustainability and ethical standards are a reflection of the indigenous farmer’s standards in all raw materials.  When possible, the packaging is recyclable.  Being an environmentalist this topic hits home, but the main concern with products is their result.

Energy Spray and Face Oil

Personally, the ILA products are one of a kind.  At first glance, the packaging is prestigious, colorful box with gold decal and the golden inner box to match that enfolds the product.  Whereas the Energy Spray for An Aura of Confidence has a light rose scent, the potent Damascena Rose Otto in the Face Oil for Glowing Radiance is prevalent.  Thus far, there is not a noticeable effect from the Energy Spray for confidence.  The Face Oil for Glowing Radiance seems to replenish the natural oils on my face and blends in after an hour of use.  Overall this product is recommended for spa goers everywhere.

Feel rejuvenated

If ILA spa treatment is unavailable in your city, the products are available online at:

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