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Randi Ragan the owner and founder of Green Bliss Eco-Spa began her Eco-Retreat with a wonderfully peaceful invite.  Her purpose for the retreat was to allow one to step away from the challenges of life and ‘sigh’ for a few hours:  “The day is a journey with yourself in a way you don’t normally get to be.”  Essentially, retreating is, “to move away from my real life.”

Organic Breakfast

Throughout the day, guests were treated to various spa treatments provided by Green Bliss Eco-Spa technicians.  Green Bliss Eco-Spa is a “green living” spa that provides full service, on location, holistic and wellness treatments.
 Randi’s vision was clearly stated, in the opening moments of the retreat and the day offered that and more.  Encircled by a multifarious of greenery and trees, the Oaks Building in the Calamigos Ranch offered an opportunity for inner reflection in a secluded and serene environment.  Engaging in the natural surroundings allowed time to appreciate the “Green Bliss” philosophy.  Native teachings are at the forefront of this philosophy where you are reminded that we each have a spiritual path.   Randi reminds us that “using nature and finding your connection with everything – rocks, water, birds, trees, etc.”, encapsulates some of the Native American culture and teachings.

Randi Ragan burning sage for the opening prayer

Randi, using sage to create a sacred space performed a Native American ceremony to begin our day.  The four-direction prayer created a sacred space to manifest.  Sage is an important herb to the Native Americans as it purifies and cleanses the space.

Tranquil outdoor setting

Renewing your life at the Green Bliss Retreat correlated workshops with manifesting a positive 2010.  These included the following: Beyond Resolutions with Deborah Tull, Principals of a Harmonious & Energetic Home with Kim Colwell, and Finding Creative Spark Through Song with Maggie Wheeler.
Ayurvedic Chef, Cristina Urioste, prepared a delightful organic breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks. All of the dishes offered balance and were good for the digestive system.

Randi Ragan opening chakras for guests

Platinum sponsor Ashley Koff, RD, had valuable information regarding food, diet and overall healthy eating.  The products provided in gift bags were all “AKA”Ashley Koff approved.  In addition, Ashley provided an amazing recipe book entitled Recipes for IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  This unique recipe book provides great tasting meals to ease your IBS symptoms.

Vendors table

Yoga Works offered beginning and intermediate classes taught by Sara Ivanhoe.  In addition, Yoga Balm provided a product for yoga users that heals organically through warmth.  Representative Rachel Strong explained that it was good for joint inflammation and as the pores open with warmth your body can absorb the oil and heal your ailing body.

One of the highlights of this Green Bliss Retreat was the Flower Readings by Alexis Smart.  During this reading, Alexis will ask you questions regarding your personality and character.  Any roadblocks or obstacles you may be having in your life currently are integral to the reading as well.  Once you have established your overall traits, Alexis will design a Flower Remedy suitable for you and your needs.  A detailed description of the flowers and its functions will be readily explained to you.  Of course, the remedies are organic, natural, and safe.
Finally, the Oak Lodge was scented with candles by Jimmy Belasco.  These candles are all soy.  There are no fillers, no parafins, and no petroluem.  “The candle can be completely recycled from the label to the wicks,” according to Representative Erick Huff. The candles enhanced the feeling and atmosphere of the whole retreat from the main meeting circle area, to the outdoor dining, and of course the upstairs spa area.
Calamigos Ranch/Malibu Conference Center is located only six miles from Pacific Coast Highway or the 101 Freeway at the Kanan Dume Road exit, near Mulholland Highway in Malibu.  For reservations please call 800-821-2097.

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