G-Spot Amplification™ The G-Shot Invented by David Matlock M.D. - It's a Party in a Needle


Well I’m not quite sure where to begin. I wish that you were sitting beside me and I could whisper this in your ear as I giggle uncontrollably. I sound like a 14 year old girl again. I’ve just come back from one of the – no correct that – the most interesting Dr. visits I have ever had and ever expect to have.

A few weeks ago I got an email invitation that made me break out into a fit of nervous laughter. Embarrassed, I passed it by but flagged it because I was secretly intrigued and didn’t want to lose it. As the days grew closer to the date of the invite, I toyed around in my mind with whether I was interested or not. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I looked up the invite again and re-read it. Two things struck me, the first, it was scheduled on the same day as the birthday of a friend of mine and I could use a birthday gift idea. Two, I couldn’t believe what I was reading or the fact that I really was interested. So I decided to be brave and use my friend’s birthday and my needing a gift and an accomplice, as an excuse to go to a party unlike any other I’d heard of.

The invitation was for a G-shot® party. What’s a G-shot® party you may be asking? Well I’m sure you’ve heard of the old Botox parties people used to throw. Where a group of friends and or strangers meet at a host’s house or a Dr.’s office and sit around eating, drinking and getting their foreheads injected with loads of Botox. A  G-shot® party is similar in that there is a group of friends or strangers, in this case women only, who meet in a Dr.’s office and there is food to snack on, (no alcohol) and it isn’t Botox or the forehead that is being injected. Oh girlfriends (and others) think about it G-shot®, G-spot. Get my drift? Yes, oh yes, oh yes, that’s right! That’s the spot!

Empowering us with knowledge

Okay, so I’m sure you are just as curious as I was as to what a G-shot® is so here we go. Board Certified Ob/GYN, David Matlock, M.D., MBA, FACOG, is the inventor of a brand new minimally invasive injection called the G-shot®. The G-shot®, also known as G-spot Amplification® is a simple, in-office procedure where Dr. Matlock injects a woman’s Grafenberg Spot (G-spot) with a collagen based substance. The G-shot® increases the size of the woman’s G-spot to about the size of a quarter in width, and one fourth of an inch in height, in turn, giving the woman increased sexual arousal during sex.

The active ingredient in the G-shot® is a specially developed and processed collagen and it doesn’t require pre-injection skin testing. The actual injection is painless and takes less than five seconds to complete. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes and the affects last up to 6 months.

Dr. Matlock

A few years back Dr. Matlock had one of those “aha” moments. It was the middle of the night and he woke up from a sleep about 3:30 am with an idea that bolted him straight up in bed. An idea, that would help empower and educate the normal average woman. I say normal and average because he stressed the point to me that there has been a lot of research on the topic of sex for women who have some difficulty or other with it. But the rest of the women who haven’t anything wrong are ignored. He wanted to do something about that. Something that would help educate and empower those other women and enable them to go from good sex to great sex. So, back to the story this idea of the G-shot® bolted him up in bed on that fateful night, he developed it went into clinical studies and called his patent attorney. The rest as they say is history.

Since those trials Dr. Matlock has performed over 200 G-shot® and has trained over 50 doctors all over the world in this patent pending technology.

The injection

“Everything I do in my practice is to empower women with knowledge, choices and alternatives,” says Dr. Matlock “The G-shot® is yet another alternative for women looking for more powerful and frequent orgasms during sex.”

Ok, back to my story. I called and set up a “spot” for my friend and me at the G-shot® party. Then I called my friend and told her I had something very unique planned for her birthday present and that as much as I wanted to surprise her, I figured I’d better see if she was up for the idea. It took some talking on my part but I finally had her telling me she was speechless and agreeing if I came to her home, picked her up and drove her to the Dr.’s she would join me.

The day of the party we arrived perfectly on time and let ourselves into the waiting room of Dr. Matlocks’ office. We were given forms to fill out which included a detailed medical history. We filled out the forms and waited nervously as the office nurse Griselda prepared the treatment rooms for us. After a short wait we were led back to Dr. Matlocks office and he began his explanation on what the procedure was and what we could expect to have happen during the procedure. He thoroughly explained what the G-spot is and where to find it (and yes there was a test on this later).  Then how he would locate it, measure it and then anesthetize inject it with collagen. 


After the mini lesson we were taken individually to our rooms. Instructed to find ourG-spot on our own and then when Dr. Matlock came back into the room to tell him where we thought our spot was. When he came in I demonstrated my utter lack of ability by having no idea where it was. But, I do now and not only do I, but my partner can’t play dumb and say he can’t find it because you can’t miss it with this enhancement! Anyway after Dr. Matlock found the spot on me (by the way it is basically in the same area for every woman which is between 5.8 cc and 6.4 cc up from the tip of the pubic bone in a midline with the urethra. Not to the left or the right but perfectly midline.)

Tools of the trade

Dr. Matlock then measured the spot on me and recorded the measurement so in the future we don’t have to go through that again. He then proceeded to anesthetize and inject the collagen into my G-spot. It was quick and painless. I felt a mild pinching sensation from the injection of the anesthesia and a vague sense of pressure when the collagen was injected.  It was over quickly and it really didn’t hurt a bit. 

Dr. Matlock injected me with a double dose of collagen and I am now the proud owner of an enhanced sweet spot that should prove to make life very interesting indeed.

Double shots

As much as I have gone on and on about giggling and feeling embarrassed, as well as a little scared that it would be painful (which I didn’t tell you until now).  The entire experience was easy and dare I say pleasant. Dr. Matlock and his staff were very professional, educational, kind and supportive. I was never embarrassed or reticent around them. The procedure was painless and over quickly. Best of all it was fun to have a friend share the experience with me. I liked the party aspect, it felt safe and less scary to have someone else along on this wild day with me. And when we went out to lunch afterwards it was extra fun to know we had a delicious secret.

Preparing for treatment

In case you were wondering women can resume sexual activity within four hours and the G-shot® costs $1850. per injection, or $2,500 for a double shot.

Dr. Matlock is the founder of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute in Los Angeles and is the Medical Director of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute®, Inc.,  a training center for physicians. He is also  a  featured cast member on E!’s smash hit “Dr. 90210.” For more information visit www.thegshot.com or  www.drmatlock.com

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